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Blog May Twenty-nine

In kindergarten, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. By first grade, it was set into my brain what I would grow up to be. During high school I did volunteer events that involved children. For my Girl Scout Gold award I taught younger Girl Scouts how to bake and then donated the goods to homeless shelters. My major going into university was a no brainer, Elementary Education. I learned quickly that that wasn’t quite the right fit for me. So I changed my major to English about half way through my college career and haven’t had a regret. My plan, eventually is to possibly go back and get my teaching certificate. I definitely want to write, hence starting this blog. I don’t think I want to write for newspapers. In fact, I’m not at all sure what I want to do. But that’s okay with me. So when I graduated I did some potential job searching and found stuff that I’d like to do and have that for when I’m ready to go out into the real world. So when I graduated, I found a job at a grocery store. Which was okay. But now four months later, I’ve come to hate it. The hours are weird. The work is okay, but tedious. I hate being on my feet all day. The people are usually nice, but no matter what environment you work in there will always be drama. I won’t go into details, as I still work there, but I have thought about quitting so many times. I’ve learned from friends to not quit before having a job lined up. I believe that it is time to find my real job. So that is my goal at the moment, to find a career that I will enjoy. Something to do with writing obviously. Publishing maybe? What else is there? What do I write in my cover letter?

Comment with your advice, or personal anecdote, or good lucks. Did you grow up to be what you wanted when you were little?

The Kid

This is a story inspired by my grandfather who later in his years called me “The Kid.” I’ve been slowly working at this one, fixing it here and there for almost two years now.The past week has been busy so I’ve decided to put up a pre-written story instead of making my followers wait longer for a fresh one.

The old man put on his shirt. It was a light blue button down dress shirt. He didn’t remember where he got the shirt. Did he buy it? Was it a Christmas present from one of the grandkids? Why was he putting this one on today? It had been laid out for him by what he assumed was a maid. Or was it the nice lady next door? He stared at the mirror for a minute, not sure exactly why it mattered. His fingers were large and putting the tiny buttons into the holes posed a challenge. Not one to ever give up, he buttoned every last button.  He tucked the shirt into his gray pants and searched the room for his suit jacket. He looked into the mirror again and saw his wrinkly face. Then he took his comb from his coat pocket and began to mess with his hair. There was not much he could do to change his hair. After years and years of styling his bangs to swoop over to the left side, they just fell into place. He remembered the “kid” got a big kick out of it whenever she came to visit. He enjoyed seeing her and the other grandchildren; he always had their best interest at heart. His facial hair had been trimmed the day before by a lady he did not recognize. Or was she someone he had known before?  He sized himself up, knowing this was the best he was going to look today.

He was sitting in the chapel now. Listening to the words of the minister and the beautiful songs played over the speakers. He remembered hearing these songs when he was younger being performed by wonderful choir groups accompanied by real life pianos. Times have changed for this old man. He looked over at his wife. She too had aged, sometimes looking worse because of her sickness. But today it was different. Today the old man’s wife was as beautiful as the day he had met her. Comforted by friends and family he turned back to the minister and listened to his speech.

Now he is in an unfamiliar place. There is a buffet of sandwiches and potato salad and baked beans and a wide assortment of deserts. All around were friends and family, catching up on new events and retelling of old stories. Sitting next to his daughter, he dug into his cake. He loved eating sweets and remembered his days of owning a candy shop. His wife and daughter running the cash register, his little grandson playing on the shelves in only a diaper. These were the days he missed. He took a sip of coffee and smiled at the jokes being told. Although he did not fully understand what was being said he still played along. The old man looked up towards the door, as if he had forgotten something. Once he was done with his plate he grabbed his cane and walked over to the door. Absent mindedly he stood there as if he were waiting. Lost in thought he stands there, then as if out of nowhere the old man notices his granddaughter standing next to him. He looks at her confused as he always does with a smile on his face. He loves to joke around.

            “Hey grandpa, what are you up to?” She asks.

            “I’m waiting for my son.” He says proudly.

            “He is sitting right over there.” The granddaughter points over to her uncle.

            “No, I am waiting for Earnie.” The old man’s eyes looked off into the distance. He had forgotten that he laid his oldest son to rest more than a year ago. His dementia was growing worse by the day. He turned to his granddaughter as if she were someone new and said, “My wife died, today I was at her funeral.”

Blog May Twenty Two

So I’ve been in and around a few blogs on the good ole’ WordPress and I’ve noticed a trend in everyone’s “How to make a blog.” Since I’m new to this whole writing what I think and posting it on the internet for everyone to see, I decided it would be good to get a few pointers from those who have made it (And by made it, I mean have more than my measly 7 followers). One of the biggest things I’ve seen so far is that most people say to post more than once a week if you want more people to come to your page. So that is my step one in Getting More Readers plan, two posts a week. One will be my thoughts on whatever I feel like and general ramblings of my brain. I might even do some of the challenges posted by other bloggers. One will be my weekly story. I still have much to learn about blogging and I am very excited about it. I definitely want to check out more blogs. I want to write things outside my comfort zone. I want to learn how to use WordPress to it’s full potential. I also want to have fun.

Morty the Dragon

I was sitting at my laptop when I heard a strange thud outside. Noises like that happen all the time so why would I be concerned. I just stared at my laptop, perusing useless information. The type of information that one could use at parties to bore innocent guests with. Every now and then it would bring about a conversation that would go on for a long while, but mostly people would say “that’s interesting” and turn away to talk to someone else about sports or clothing or whatever. It was pretty safe to say I didn’t have much of a life.

My day started with getting up around 6 A.M., taking a cold shower since my landlord was useless at fixing the pipes, starting a pot of coffee, and firing up my laptop. I would sip the coffee as I read emails and catch up on news around the city. Then at 7 A.M I would leave my house for the hour long commute to work. That is if the traffic reports didn’t hint at a huge build up, sometimes forcing me to down the coffee and be on the road by 6:30. It was a good thing I was never in the shower more than 10 minutes. After work I might have met with co-workers at the pub down the street for dinner, or have an awkward blind date with some obviously bored friend of a co-worker, but most days I was home by 5 P.M. Those days I would pull out a TV dinner from my freezer and watch TV. Sometimes my mother would call to see how I’m doing, or father would call to make sure I was keeping my car tuned up. Very rarely would a friend call from back home. Since I moved five hours away, none of them really cared anymore. After a few episodes of the shows I was addicted to I would wake up my laptop and browse aimlessly through useless information then go to bed around 11 P.M.

Today was Saturday, the first of this month that I hadn’t needed to come in to work. Usually my boss wanted to get a head start on the next week’s work. This day, he wanted to go golfing. I suppose I could have done something exciting, but I decided a lounging day in my living room would do me some sort of good. I had even turned off the notification sound for my email system. No work today. Just relaxation and…THUD.

There was that noise again. I knew better than to be worried. Maybe it was just the kids down the street getting into something they shouldn’t have been. Though this was louder than something a group of eight year olds could cause. THUD. I stand up from my recliner and walk towards the window.

“OH Good. I thought you were never coming.” All I could see was a huge tail, I wondered if my co-workers were playing with me again. However it didn’t sound like any of them. In fact, I had never heard this voice before.

“Uh… I uh… Excuse me?” I say sheepishly.

“Duuuuuude, we have to get started or we’ll never make it!” A large lizard-like head came around, and the tail moved with it.

“Alright guys, good job with the huge dragon! Where’d you get it? Looks like paper-mache!” I shout out.

“I’m talking to you, who are you talking to man? I’m right here.” The dragon says to me.

“Hahaha, so you’re inside?” I open the screen part of the window to stick my head out and get a closer look in the mouth of this huge animated sculpture. It is so life like; its mouth is even filled with saliva and smells like a dog’s breath. “Wow, man its so life like. So who is it? Who’s in there?”

“Really man, just me. Just a dragon on your lawn. Can you at least put some decent clothes on and come with me. We really have a lot to cover.”

“What? Okay maybe you’re not one of the guys… Who set you up to this? Must have been Chuck, he’s a big fantasy nerd.” I stand there still in my living room and watch the sculpture pick up a small tree from the back lawn of the apartment complex. It takes in a big gulp of air and then blows on the tree, when suddenly fire appears and the tree is a blaze. “Holy cow… you really put some thought into this Chuck.”

“You’re an idiot. I’m not your friend Chuck, I’m a dragon. My name is Morty. Now go get dressed, I’ll meet you outside.” I stand there speechless for a second, and then it dawns on me. This is a real life dragon… on my apartment complex’s lawn. Why aren’t there women screaming for help, children running away?

I stumble to my bedroom and grab some shorts from the floor. I might have worn them the other night, but they still smell okay so I put them on over my boxers. I grab one of my novelty t-shirts from my closet and slip into my jogging shoes. I can’t believe there’s a dragon in my back yard and I am going to listen to it. I wish I had a reason to take meds so I could at least have the reason that I had forgotten them today. But alas, here I am “sane” and getting ready for a rendezvous with a dragon.

When I get outside I stand in awe at the very large lizard like creature standing in front of me. Standing up, he was about two stories high. He had dark colored scales that shined in the sun and had an iridescent glow to them. Ivory spikes ran down his spine and around his jaw line. He stood there, almost majestically until I noticed his foot tapping. His face looked like a wife’s waiting on her husband. He seemed frustrated with me. “What?” I say.

“Told you man, we have things to do and you’re slow, standing there with your mouth open like you’ve just seen a pig fly.”

“Well… it’s not every day you see a dragon on your lawn.” I look up to the sky to see if there really are pigs flying yet.

“Whatever. Here, climb on my back I’ll take you to magical faraway places and yadda yadda yadda let us get this show on the road.” Morty rolls his eyes and points to his shoulders. I had seen this in movies like The Never-ending Story… but those were supposed to be fiction. I walk over to him and he lies down. I hoist my leg over like I’m about to ride a horse and before I can even get a firm grip on anything he jumps into the air and his wings fan out.


(Check back in a few weeks to see what Morty is up to. When I began writing about Morty, my intentions were to keep it short, but there’s just so much you can do with fiction writing. So I’ll continue the story, but not every week.)


“Hey!” Bruce said to me as I walked up to the cross walk. I wasn’t supposed to like him. Maybe that’s what the main attraction was to him. But boy was he cute.

I wasn’t supposed to like him because of the reason I had met him. A few months ago, Mac introduced me to him. She had been crushing on him for a while and needed her best friend’s opinion. I of course stepped up to the challenge. I met her at the restaurant where she casually asked him to join us for dinner. When I walked through the door I found him standing next to Mac in a black long sleeved shirt and blue jeans (to this day, my favorite thing to see him in). She gave me a look like ‘This is the one! Isn’t he great!! ?’ I smiled, shook his hand and said “Hey, my name’s Jaq.” Mac blurted out his name and asked me how my day had gone. The waiter came and took us to our seats before I could answer and the rest of the night was filled with getting to know random bits about Bruce and smartphone app Light saber fights.

Another reason I wasn’t supposed to like Bruce, well…is because I had a long distance relationship with someone I had been gushing over long before he reluctantly agreed to make it official. Mark liked me, I definitely liked him, and I thought we were great together. He just didn’t like the distance. Frankly, neither did I, but he was a drummer in a punk band. He rode a motorcycle, owned his own house, was good with computers, and could draw with amazing talent. I had to have him. But then his band broke up, and everything spiraled from there and two months after meeting Bruce, Mark broke up with me in one of the worst ways and there I was walking home from class.

“Hey, stranger.” I said to Bruce while pressing the crosswalk button and took out the head phones out of my ears. I figured Bruce or some of the other students waiting to cross probably pressed the button already. But I really liked the sound it made. The cross walk was sort of high tech in that it talked to you and made loud beeps. It was for the classes learning about the blind. Every now and then you’d see a group of students with dark glasses and walking sticks, obviously not actually blind.

“How you been?” Bruce asks me, genuinely happy to see me it seemed. We had only hung out a few times with Mac and I hadn’t seen him in a while. In fact, this was our first time seeing each other without her around. Her excitement for him had faded; she was on to her next crush. Someone who seemed way more into her than Bruce did when I first met him. Sure he was nice… but it was a friendly nice, not a flirty nice.

“I’ve been pretty good. Totally ready for the semester to be done next month.” I said.

“Me too. What are you going for?”

“Just an English degree, pretty boring.”

“Ah, I’m math.”

“What are you going to do with that?”

“Teach. So how long do you have.”

“Next semester.”

“Oh wow, I bet you’re happy.” He stepped out onto the street a split second before we hear ‘Main Street. Walk is on at Main Street 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…’

“Very.” We stepped onto the curb across the street.

“So you headed for lunch with Mac, like always?” He knew Thursday’s were our lunchtime hangouts. This was surprising that he knew that much about me.

“Nah. I have a big essay that I need to work on that is due tomorrow.”

“I can’t write essays.”

“Yeah, well I can’t do math very well.”

“Hahaha, I get that a lot.”

“Well, I’ve gotta go this way.” I point towards my dorm.

“And I’m that way. Well it was good seeing you again.” He gestures towards the tall towers in the opposite direction from my dorm.

“And you. Have a good day.” I walk towards my dorm with a smile on my face, and put my headphones back in. He thought it was good to see me. That’s cute. I was single now. Albeit still a little upset… but it could be a start? Though after Mark and I broke up I needed some space from the whole dating scene. Bruce didn’t actually indicate he liked me, he was just friendly nice like he was with Mac. And that’s when I decided I was thinking about it too much and stepped into my cafeteria for some lunch. I didn’t think about it for weeks.

During the summer I was working my seasonal job, I was hanging out with old friends, and I was being as free as I wanted to be. One night I was relaxing at home stumbling through random websites just minding my own business when I get a bloop on my Facebook.

“Hey” It was Bruce. Oh my goodness…this is random.

“Hi” I say.

“Sorry for being so random. I’m just bored”

“No worries. Lol”

“So how’ve you been?”

“Pretty good, yourself?” The conversation went on. I told him about my home town, and he told me about his. We talked a little bit about school. We talked about having a bake-off to see who could make a better cake. We talked about our jobs. We talked for hours. Maybe I was thinking about it too much, but I was pretty sure I liked this guy. He was really nice. This definitely felt like flirty nice. I didn’t want to feel this way. I thought maybe it was too soon after Mark… and he was my best friend’s former crush. Wouldn’t that look weird? I didn’t want to think about it too much anymore. Both of us decided to go to bed.

The next day I saw him online again. I waited a few minutes to not seem crazy. I liked talking to him; there was nothing crazy about gaining a new friend right? But the flirting was more amped up that day. And not just from my side.

“I wondered if you were going to talk to me tonight.”

“Of course, our conversation yesterday was interesting.”

“Well if you didn’t I would have anyway.” He seemed interested in me. We talked for hours again. My internet began to screw up and so that is when I decided to give him my phone number. We texted until I fell asleep with my phone in my hand.

After two weeks of constant talking we decided it would be best to meet up. Get to know each other on a more personal level, though we both decided that we liked the other already. I met him in the park next to the University. I stood up as he pulls into the parking lot. I stand there, not sure what to do with myself. I knew he liked me and he knew I liked him but I hadn’t seen him in almost two months now. The last I had seen him was at the crosswalk when he was just some guy I thought looked cute.

“No, you get a hug. Come here.” He said putting his arms around me. I was surprised. It was a real hug. Not just one arm over the shoulder friend hug. But a real hug, and damn did it feel nice to be held.

“Well hello there. Ha ha. So where would you like to go?”

“I figure we could just walk around the park? Then go from there.”

“Sounds good to me.” I said as we start walking towards the lake in the middle of all the trees. Two hours we walked around the park, exhausting every trail I knew, and learning more and more about him. We then walked onto campus through the buildings. It was such a beautiful campus, one of the reasons I had chosen that school.

“Want to do something crazy?” He said.

“Uh oh… like what?”

“Well there’s this building I know…”


“You can get on to the roof.”

“Oh. Ha ha, I guess we could try it.” We walk towards the building and I notice the fire escape. Oh god. He means to really go on the roof of this building. “Uh, hey Bruce… I have to warn you. I am terribly afraid of heights.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got you. Hold my hand.” We start up the steps. I do fine up until the last platform and freeze. There is a ledge we have to climb over and I am not letting go of the railing. He climbs up onto it and looks at me encouragingly to let go of the railing.

“I don’t think I can do this…” I say with a shaky voice. He holds his hand down towards mine.

“Do you trust me?” He says like he is in the Disney movie Aladdin. It was unbelievably cute, I have to let go. So I put my hand in his and he pulls me up on the ledge. Our faces close, we stare at each other for a moment and he leans in for a kiss.