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Morty the Dragon Part Two

Blah blah, it’s been a while, I’ve been busy. Well here’s a new work of writing. It’s actually a Part two to something I promised I’d finish a while ago. There’s more to come eventually.

“Well hey, my name is Morty like I said. I’m a dragon, obviously. We have some issues with your past to work out.” Morty says nonchalantly.

“What issues…?”
“Well there was that incident with that kid at Miller’s park for starters.”
“INCIDENT?? That jerk knocked me on the ground and hit me straight between the eyes. I had to wear special glasses for more than a week!” I spoke over the noise of wind.
“Yeah dude, there’s one mistake you made.”
“What, are we just going to zap back in time and fix it?”
“Hahaha. Duh.” That moment there was a bright flash of light. Nothing appeared to be changed. The sky was the same shade of blue and the clouds the same puffy white. But then I looked down from the flying dragon and realized we were flying over my home town. The trailer park where Billy was from was still standing. It had been torn down right before I left for college to be turned into a new shopping center. Morty flew over a large creek and a small patch of woods then down into the playground. It looked almost brand new. When I was a child I used to come to this park on the weekends. Mom would make me a bologna and mustard sandwich with a juice box and out the door I went.
Morty lands behind some trees and I get off his back to stretch my legs.
“Now dude, we’re going to watch what you did wrong. Then we’re going to fix it.” Morty says to me as he looks across the field. I stand waiting for something to happen.
“OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE!!” I hear from some bushes to the left of us.
“Oooooh goody, it’s about to start.” Morty says as he plops his big butt on a fallen tree. I decide to sit next to him.
A little red headed girl comes out from a bush to the right of Morty and I, in a huff. “You can’t do that Billy, You ain’t even tried to find nobody!”
“I can too. I can do anything I want.” The voice from the left comes out, and sure enough it’s Billy. And now I remember why we ended up getting in a fight.
“No you can’t. It’s a game. It has rules.” She said. I remember now, I had a huge crush on her. And there I come, from out of the tunnel slide. I always hid there because no one ever thought to look.
“Hazel, the rules are that if I can’t find anyone I yell out OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE and everyone comes out.”
“Yeah but that’s only if you can’t find them. You didn’t even try looking for anyone.” She crossed her arms.
“You don’t know.”
“I do too. I saw you.”
“Mike, what do you think?”
“I uh… I couldn’t see.” I pipe up.
“See Hazel!”
“He didn’t see you because he was hiding in a really good spot. Which you would have known if you could have looked for him.” The look in her eyes was hatred for Billy. He had always been a jerk, especially to her.
“If I could just punch you right now.”
“Do it.” She said. I could see tears beginning to well up.
“No. Hit me.” I saw my eleven year old self saying. And he did it. He hit me straight between the eyes.
At that moment time stopped. Billy’s hand still in a fist over my face. My body still standing, but ready for the fall. Hazel’s hands over her mouth in shock, tears running down her face.
“See what you did there?” Morty said.
“I took the hit. What’s wrong with that.”
“He wasn’t playing by the rules, he was about to hit a girl…so you volunteer to take her place? Do you remember what happens next? You lie there on the ground, Billy runs away, then Hazel cries and apologizes to you.
“I don’t see what’s wrong.” I really don’t. I thought I was basically a hero then.
“Oh… Well I would have lost.”
“You did lose. He got away with it.”
“It was just a game.”
“And you’re a push over”
“No I am not.” I stand up and face Morty.
“Yes. Yes you are. Think about your job now. Think about your social life. I watched your entire life and all your pushover-ness begins with this moment right here.” He points to Billy. I begin to think about it, and I conclude Morty is right. I walk over to younger me and whisper in his ear.
“Do it. Punch him right back. You know you’ve always wanted to.”
I walked back to Morty who had settled more onto the tree. And time resumed. Instead of younger me falling to the ground and Billy running off, something had changed. My leg had moved back to brace myself and my hand clenched into a fist. Younger me threw a punch at Billy that knocked him to the ground. When Billy tried to get up, I punched him again. Billy began to cry and ran away. And that’s when I noticed Hazel. Not a tear in her eye, but a smile on her face. She took a step closer to me and I saw her mouth the words “Thank you” then her face got closer to mine and she kissed me on the lips. Then time stopped again.
“Good job, buddy. Now on to the next… hop on my back again.” Morty says to me. I stand in awe for a moment and step up onto the dragon’s back.

Blog July Ten

So outside of being into reading and writing I grew up an outdoorsy girl. This week I’ve decided to tell you about my hobby of Geocaching.  “Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online” (

One of my older brothers first got into this hobby in early 2007 and he has found over 4000 caches. He took me out for my first find on Thanksgiving in 2007. Since then I have gotten a few friends into it who have started their own profiles and go out on their own. Some other friends I just drag along to help me find caches.

At times it can be frustrating. Like, there was one time I went to one area four times and couldn’t find the cache. Turns out the small container had fallen between some rocks. There was one cache that was inside a hole in a rock. I almost needed tweezers to get it out, but luckily got it out with just some wiggling of my pen. The past few times I have gone out, I chose wooded areas. And not sure if you know anything about the Midwest in July, but it is so buggy out. I got eaten up and learned a lesson about putting on bug spray before I go out into the woods.

Though it is a wonderful feeling, finding the cache no matter what I went through to get it. There was one time I had two friends along for the ride, and we had stopped at a local BBQ place for dinner before trying to find more. I got a fake moustache out of one of the quarter machines there and wore it. Night had fallen and we went into a park to find just one more cache before heading home. Of course, parks close after dark and there was a police man stationed in the park to catch people who weren’t supposed to be there. I stopped like a good citizen and explained to the nice policeman what three twenty-somethings were doing in a park after dark. And let me tell you, Geocaching is hard to explain to non-geocachers (we call them muggles). Well I showed my phone to the policeman and the app I have that helps me find all the caches and explained to him the best I could. He actually thought it was a pretty neat hobby and allowed us to stay in the park until we found one. However, while I was talking to him I noticed he was amused at more than just this new found hobby of some stranger. And then it hit me. I was still wearing the fake moustache. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the cache, but it is still one of my favorite memories.

I highly recommend this activity for anyone who likes a challenge. There are over 2 million caches all over the world. There could even be one less than a mile away from you! And hey, anyone can do it! My nephew is only a year old and has more caches found than me (well, he gets a little help from his father).

Do you have any hobbies like this? Do you geocache?

The Pudding Escapades: Chapter Two

So it is not that I am super lazy, but because I have been working my butt off at my job and I’ve just been so exhausted that I have decided to put up chapter two of my unfinished unpublished unnamed novel I’ve been working on for a few months. If you missed the first part you can read that Here. I forgot to mention in my last post that I am actually moving in with Batman on Sunday. Crazy, because it was a very sudden decision. Lucky, that I was able to find a job so quickly. With my new job, I’ll have some more down time and I’ll actually be able to write short stories like I intended with this blog. But then again, since when does anything go according to plan? So with all that said, here is chapter two and feel free to give constructive criticism or positive feedback.

Today I decided to walk out to the park. Anything to keep from running into Rachel again. It wasn’t horrible yesterday, but I still feel weird about it. I wonder if she knows that I probably wont call her. I also wonder why she said she wouldn’t be working at the end of summer. Maybe she’s changing and actually wants to do something with her life.
Maybe I can find some cool new spots to explore for when Celia gets back into town. I can’t believe she is way out in California. No matter where we are or how long it’s been we can still pick up from the last time we had talked and carry on like we were never apart.
I remember the first time I saw her. It feels like a long time ago when we started high school. It was about the second week in. I did not really know many people in my lunch hour. All my close friends at the time had a different time when they ate. In this room there were mostly new kids, or students who came from the other junior high. Only a few of whom I had actually any classes with, and I still didn’t talk to them very much. I was sitting at a table with people I was vaguely friends with. You know the kind where you used to be great friends in fifth grade, but now they are just distant. I sat here at the beginning with the intentions of making new friends.
As I took a bite of a cafeteria hamburger I look up and see this strange girl walk past the table. She waved at one of the other guys sitting at my table but kept walking. I asked him what her name was.
“Celia. She’s in my German class. Pretty cool.” Then he turned around and started a conversation with some girl at another table about math homework. I watched her walk to a table in the far corner of the cafeteria. At her table was Dani, who I had known since kindergarten. He was another one of those friends that you just grew apart from. He had been in and out of the same schools I had been to. Or maybe I just didn’t notice he was there. There was also a guy from my band class and a girl from my homeroom.
But her. She was so odd. She looked tough, like no one would want to mess with her. But when I looked at her face it was sweet. One of those people who would be willing to help out anybody. Everyone at her table seemed to stop what they were doing once she sat down. Like she drew in all of their focus. Obviously she was very well liked by all of her peers. For the rest of that lunch period I thought of how I could meet her. It would have been awkward for me to just show up randomly at the table. I went the rest of that year making other friendships and almost completely forgetting about her.
Together, Celia and I combed this park millions of times before, but after the storms last fall maybe there will be some cool things to look at. I’m not sure how she’ll feel if I go to these places on my own but she doesn’t get back into town until Saturday. Maybe if I come across something I’ll just mentally jot it down then take her back here. But I’ve had three days to myself, what am I supposed to be doing?
I love that this park is not too far from home, I’ve spent a lot of time underneath these trees. They are a feeling of home. Home is where the heart is right? I decide to sit by the river that flows through the park for a few hours just to think. I don’t really have much to think about but staring at the flowing water and listening to the birds is good enough for me.
I don’t even realize it has started to get dark when I feel my phone vibrate.
“Hello.” I say because I didn’t read who the caller was. The greeting ‘hello’ is so plain. I usually answer the phone with some funny saying or a quote from a movie. That isn’t always appropriate so I have to adjust my greeting to the laugh factor of the person on the other end.
“Where you at, Jack?” My mother says in a ‘its time for dinner’ tone.
“Up at the park, why? What did you need?” What does any mother need? She wants me home of course. This was a dumb question to ask her.
“Oh. Well dinner is about ready. Are you coming home?” Nailed it.
“Yes, I’ll be there soon.” Soon is a dumb word. I’ve heard people say they’d be home soon when really it would take them hours. Or in the middle of July when someone says school will start soon. There is a whole month before soon comes.
“Okay, bye.” She says then hangs up. I don’t even get a chance to say anything back. Reminds me of when I didn’t have a car and I’d have to stay late after high school for one reason or another. I’d call my dad to pick me up and the conversation never lasted more then 10 seconds. “Hi, I’m done.” I’d say then he’d reply with a quick “Okay.” Then I heard the dial tone. The other students were amazed at how quick it was. I always wondered what more needed to be said.
I head back towards the entrance of the park and notice a trail I am pretty sure I have never seen before. Jack pot.

Blog July Five

You may be thinking, where is that one person I subscribed to that was posting some cool stuff and then said she was going to disappear for a bit which turned into a while? Well never fear, I have returned! I even have a good reason for not posting anything… well. I guess when you want to become a writer, there is no “good reason” to not write. However, life happens and I’m going to explain what life happened in which to deny you the random ramblings of blog posts and short fictional stories I attempt posting. I also promised you a plog! So here we go!

My first day in St. Louis was kind of busy. The boytoy’s mother, his cousin, and I did some grocery shopping. When we got home we had some house work to do and of course the dog needed walking. (My boyfriend’s nickname is Batman, so let’s just go with that)
Treadmil Dog

The next day was Batman’s graduation party. Him and his friends played pool, and the cat found a nice place to take a nap.
Playing poolOlive Garden Kitty

Then came our anniversary, which he kept secret for weeks. First a very nice dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Then a trip up to the St. Louis Arch.
The Arch
Then we went to an arcade and spent way too much money, however we did get some pretty cool stuff.

arcade loot

A few days later we went to the horse races. Which was pretty cool, since I’ve never been to something like that. I made a few bad bets because my choice was purely based on if the horse was pretty or not. However I did win 3 out of the 7 races I placed bets on. Horse HookieHorsies

The next few days were pretty awesome. We went to a Cub/Cardinals game. Batman is a big Cardinals fan, I could really care less about sports in general. But since I’ve got Cub fan in my blood, I annoyed him with a Cub t-shirt during the game. The Cubs won! We also went to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and took the tour. And then we drove by the world’s largest ketchup bottle!CubsKetchup

I also got to see my first drive-in movie! We saw Man of Steel and Iron Man 3.Drive In

We went to another Cardinals game, I decided to be nice this time and support Batman’s team. (but only because they were playing Texas)Cardinals

The next day we had breakfast with is grandparents, hung around with his parents and then hit the road for Chicago. My aunt was having a Summer Solstice/50th Birthday party. Her friends got her a cake with flames on it like the ones on her Thunder bird.Cake

Then the next day we went to Northern Illinois University Alumni days at Six Flags. Batman and I went with the friend that introduced us while in college and had a blast. Well, except for the part when we had changed into our swimsuits and then the water park closed for thunder. We did eventually get to do some water rides and went on some more coasters. An over all fun day, and here’s a picture of us being silly. (We were going for sexy but I think it looks more silly) Sexy Flags

That was the end of my fun week, and now to the part that took me so long to make any posts. Fallen Tree A tree fell in my neighbor’s yard. We were out of power for a day. Then I worked a very long week of work. And then more stuff happened. And then I worked even more. So here in the wee hours of July 5th, I finally get back to you on my plog. I am going to try my hardest to come up with a new story and post it on Sunday, as per usual.