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Flash Fiction Friday Two

“Page two, line four. Burns, Ethel. Robins, George. James, read for narrator and Billy. Hallway, ten minutes.” The director commanded. It was my first audition and I was petrified. I looked at Jimmy, who I had only known for a few weeks and he seemed to know what he was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to be a part of theatre. Jimmy and I walked out into the hallway with James the student assistant director.

While in the hallway reading over our lines for the audition, Jimmy was perfect. I could see him playing the part of George. I just felt nervous. The ten minutes were up.

The next day I went up to the list outside the drama club door.

George- Nick Trimbly

Ethel- Sadie Henderson

Billy- Jimmy Robins

Extras- Kelly R, Brian U, Ashley K, Willy F.

My name wasn’t on the list. I knew my nerves were bad, and I have a terrible reading voice… It was great that Jimmy got one of the main parts. But what was I going to do? I belonged in theatre.

And that is how I got into the technical side of theatre.


Flash Fiction Friday One

Obviously I’ve decided to do something new, as the title suggests. Flash Fiction, so stories shorter than my norm. We’ll see how it goes.

I was sitting there, Jake on my left and Todd on my right. They both begged me, on separate occasions,┬áto take me to the premier of the newest action movie. Regrettably, I suggested to them that we go all three together. I knew Todd had a crush on me once and the way he asked me to the movie and dinner beforehand hinted that he was still into me. Jake was always at my side, my best friend. I would like to say Todd saw it coming when I wanted him to go with, but when I asked he had a look on his face of disappointment. The movie had one of those sentimental moments, that I’m sure was just thrown in there for all the girls that got dragged to see it, during which I saw Todd look at me. On second thought, did he look at me or at Jake? Then I saw out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jake look at Todd and nod. It seemed like some sort of agreement, like they had planned this all along. I thought I had made it clear to Todd that I wasn’t interested in him and I was afraid of what would happen next. However, Todd whispered to me that he was going to the bathroom and then to get more popcorn. As soon as he left, Jake put his arm around me. WHAT? It was nice. Like it had been missing…Was this the plan the whole time? Then, just as the actors on screen kissed, Jake leaned in and kissed me.

Blog September Eighth

It’s time for a super short blog. First, I’m sooooo tired of customer service agents. I have been on the phone nearly every day for a week with one of these services dealing with fake fraud and frustration. After a certain point one just wants to scream into the phone “I UNDERSTAND YOU NEED TO BE BRIGHT AND CHIPPER FOR YOUR JOB, BUT LET’S CUT THE CRAP, HEAR THE FRUSTRATION IN MY VOICE AND LET THE ISSUES SLIDE SO THAT YOU MAY FIX THE PROBLEM AND LET ME GET ON WITH MY DAY. FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER YOU LOVE LET ME USE YOUR SERVICE WITHOUT HASSLE.” Eventually I did get the problem fixed, but seriously I think people are just out there to ruin other’s lives or something. Second and unrelated, my five year old laptop is running like crap and the power cord needs to be held precisely so in order to get a charge so I’ve been boycotting the poor sick beast. Third, I feel like I say this a lot but I need to get some priorities straightend out. I want to be a writer. I need to write. With moving and such, I’ve become lazy and slightly unmotivated and have had writers block I guess. The plan is to buy a new computing device and write more frequently. Time to get more posts, more stories, more stuff. I’ll read other posts and comment on posts and it will be marvelous.