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Life After Death

I was on my way to the party when Margo called me.
“Hey gurl!”
“What up?” I asked
“You coming to the party?”
“Yeah yeah, on my way.”
“What the hell you answering the phone for??”
“Why are you calling me when you think I might be on my way to the party?” There was silence on the line. “I thought so. I’ll be there soon. Love ya!”
“Good, just hurry, Jacob is here!” She hung up her line. I continued to drive.

I arrived on Margo’s street and struggled to find a parking space. I was super excited to finally get a chance to hang out with Jacob. We had talked a little in class everyday and I felt like he was the perfect man for me.

-Three Days Later-

“Hey Margo, thanks for being such a good friend to Niccole. It really means a lot to me that you’re helping with all of the arrangements.” I could see my mother sitting in the living room on the phone with Margo.
“No problem, she was a great friend to me I just wish she hadn’t gotten into that accident. We were all pretty devastated by the news. I’m so sorry Ms. B.”
“Not your fault Margo, she did everything she could to avoid the pile up on the highway the police said.”
“Did they say what happened to the drunk driver who caused it?”
“Minor bruises I think..” Just then my mother coked up and couldn’t say anymore.
“Oh. Uh. I’ll be over this afternoon when class gets out to help you out with paperwork.” Margo hung up the phone and my mother sat there in tears.

-Two Days Later-

“Niccole, hunny you’ve got to pay attention.” I looked up. Stark white room with all white furniture and a lady sitting in a light blue skirt and white shirt.
“Sorry, just thinking”
“Life on Earth is pretty great, I almost remember it sometimes. You’ll have plenty of time to reminisce about it later. They aren’t sending you to the workforce like they did to me.”
“Where are they sending me?”
“You lucky gal, get to spend your next lifetime with your soulmate.”
“Jacob is here too? But he wasn’t at the party like I was…he never showed up.”
“Jacob? Let me look in your file.” The lady made a perfect secretary as she pulled out the manila envelope. She looked at what seemed to be a blank page. “Ha ha no dear. He wasn’t at the party.” She laughed as if she knew I had the biggest crush on him. She read further, the look of laughter fell from her face. “Oh my. Well, he wasn’t at the party, but he was a part of your crash.”
“Oh my god, is he okay? Did he die like me? Where is he? Is he my soul mate??”
“He was the one who caused it.”
“But they said it was a drunk driver…”
“Yup. Well no more use talking about it now. You’re about to meet your soul mate. Your one true love.”
“Why didn’t you get to meet yours”
“I already had him on Earth. When you die, you have some options. Well so to say… you don’t get to choose them, but there’s paths to take. The ones who lived a great life and were noble to the people get to be a part of the Great Table of the Angels. The ones who led a terrible life go to the guy downstairs and spend their time doing chores until they’ve made up for lost time. Then you have the ones in the middle like you and I. I led a great life in the waking world but wasn’t a noble peace prize winner or anything. So they put me in an area that I excelled at. You didn’t even finish college yet. You’re young and still could have led a great life, so you’re getting a second chance. You’re meeting your soulmate. The person you were meant to be with forever.” She looks down at the file with the blank page. “Lucky for you, he too has past on. Some people have to wait years.”
“Oh wow… so how does this work? We meet and float around in heaven.. or… what?”
She chuckles. “Not quite. Beyond the gates is a world like the one on Earth. Though it has everything you want in it. Everything you dreamed about is now obtainable. There is no money involved because that was just a silly invention anyway. Simply think what you wish for and it appears. Not always instantaneously, but it will be there. When you meet your soulmate you’ll have the chance to go on some dates and get to know each other. You’ll probably create a house together get a dog and so on. It’s pretty easy. So that’s about all I have for you. Just enter through those gates and he’ll be right there waiting for you.” She gestures to the left where appears big golden gates. I stand up and walk towards them as they open.
“Wait, I…” I turn back and everything that was there, including the lady is now gone. So I turn back towards the gates and step through.
There’s a big blue sky with bright green grass and trees for as far as I can see.
“Hey, Niccole!” I hear a young voice from behind one of the trees. I walk towards it.
“Uh, hello?” Out steps a little boy about ten years old. “Wayne?”
“Yup, it’s me!”
“You’re my soulmate?” I knew Wayne in elementary school. He was a few years older than me, and died in a car crash. I had a crush on him and was saddened by the news even though I was so young.
“I’m just as shocked as you!”
“But…I’m nineteen.. how is this going to work?”
“No you’re not.” Wayne says with a smile on his face. He pulls out a mirror and shows me.
“I’m young again!”
“You must be starting over from where we first met.”
“Woah, so what now?”
“We live the rest of our afterlife together.” Wayne takes a hold of my hand and we start walking through the trees.