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Blog April Sixteenth

This is going to be short because I’m writing this out with my phone. I feel like its been a while since I’ve had a reason to blog and today something inspired me.
My best friend who lives far away is having some personal struggles. Struggles that I, myself, have been through. Struggles that may keep one from being their best or unhappy but not life threatening. I tried using my past to give her advice. Although I know she was listening, she still seemed defeated. On my drive home from work today, thinking of how I could help more, I saw a bumper sticker. Now, I’m not quite the believer in signs. Nor am I certain of fates and destiny. However, this bumper sticker seemed to clear up what I had been trying to tell her. I had never heard this phrase before and it seemed perfect. “Change is inevitable, Struggle is choice.” Whatever she chooses to do with this phrase on a bumper sticker is up to her. But I plan on using it whenever I come to a turning point or personal struggle of my own. I just thought it was neat that I came across something like that in an unlikely place, when I needed it.

Blog April Six

I went back through some of my blogs and I’m not sure I ever mentioned this before.. I may have hinted towards it though. Anyway…basically. I went to school at NIU. Moved back home for about seven months. Decided to move in with my boyfriend in the town I went to school. That was about eight months ago. I had this crazy idea once that I should do a NaNoWriMo in my last semester of college. That didn’t get very far because of course it was my last semester, but I kept in touch with the NaNoWriMo-ers in my college area. And by that I mean I lurked on their Facebook page seeing the things they posted about writing. With working the two jobs I wasn’t ever able to attend meetings. I kinda-sorta-basically quit Jimmy Johns, so my Sunday’s have been open (minus the ones where I traveled or had plans) so I decided today to go to a meeting.

It’s pretty much been the greatest thing so far. We played this game where we passed around a bag and had to describe the object inside (which I will include my “story” at the end). Then we played this other game Telephone Pictionary. Which is where we wrote a sentence on a paper, the next person had to draw a picture of it, the next had to write a sentence describing the picture…and so on with out being able to see more than what the person before us had drawn/wrote. Super fun and I think I’m going to like these people. Plus it gives me great fuel for writing more and posting more to my blog. I totally should have done this sooner. I’ve lived in this town for eight months now and started going insane with not doing anything besides working. I’ve always believed the only way to make things happen is to make things happen yourself. Such good feels.

So here is what I wrote for the Object in a Bag story.
Today, I decided to go to Barnes and Noble and hang out with a group of writers. I knew it was going to be a crazy meeting when I got introduced as “The New Jennelle.” Thus sparked a hush conversation on what happened to the “Old” (non-existent) Jennelle. I knew I was in the right place to meet people and get out of my house. Half an hour of side-tracked introductions and wild stories later, we were handed a bag.
This bag had an object in it and was passed around the table. Each person felt around in the bag not looking at its contents and passed it to the next. Once it reached me I had to resist the urge to look in the bag. Once we were all finished feeling, we were told to write. About what I’m not sure.
The person on one side of me is drawing a comic about what is in the bag; the other side is, I’m assuming, writing a story about it. All the while having crazy conversations. I, on the other hand, am writing this.
What I felt in the bag was a statue made of porcelain maybe? It felt as if it was about a foot tall when standing. It was an animal of some sort. With a longish snout and long ears. I think it might have been a dog because of the snout. Or it could have been a bunny because of the ears. I imagine it is gray. There are bumps all up and down the side, which I’m assuming would be the spots of the dog.
So far, this meeting is very interesting and I am very glad that I came. I wonder what the statue really is…

And this is a picture of what it actually is (I was the only one in the group who guessed dog).
Ceramic Dog