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So I’ve been seeing around the Facebook sphere a lot so I decided to read it. As a woman, this is totally…just…no. You can go and read what it says, but I’m going to list them out and say why I think it’s wrong to “never say” it to a woman. I don’t even care if you don’t care about it. I just want to vent. Feel free to disagree/agree with me in the comments. I did read in the article’s comment section that someone assumed a feminist wrote this. I hope a person claiming to be a feminist didn’t write this because feminism is about equality. Not “men hating” as some people assume.

1. “No.”
Not telling a woman no is giving her permission to do what ever she wants. Means that she is the leader in the relationship. That’s wrong. Relationships are two-sided and should be equal.

2. “Can I Kiss You?”
I ask my boy friend if I can kiss him all the time. He has never said it bothers him. I actually think it is adorable

3. “Did You Cum?”
If you’re that intimate then why the heck not. Don’t make it sound demeaning, ask her in a nice way. Women aren’t the same as men and there isn’t an obvious sign that she did.

4. “Is That What You’re Going To Wear?”
Absolutely this is okay. If it looks stupid, tell me. I don’t want to look stupid.

5. “Are You Sure It’s Mine?”
I do agree with this one. If you don’t trust your woman, don’t be with her.

6. “What Are You Thinking About?”
I don’t get why this is even on here… Communication is amazing and if you’re not willing to know what your Girl Friend thinks about then why are you with her?

7. “Bitch”
This one is touchy, if you’re calling her that in a derogatory way then it’s wrong.

8. “Cunt”
I think this is the same with the bitch.

9. “Calm Down”
I hate being told this, but sometimes it is needed.

10. “That Time Of The Month?”
This is touchy too… I know it gets some women in a bunch. I’ve never been asked it.

11. “She’s Hot.”
I have every right to think Johnny Depp is hot, he has every right to say Katy Perry is hot. Even if it wasn’t a celebrity, I know he isn’t going to leave me for that person.

12. “I’m Such A Loser”
I want to know when he’s having a bad day or is feeling bad about himself.

13. “Are You Really Going To Eat All That?”
I’ve been trying to lose weight recently so him asking that would just be motivation for me to not eat all of it.

14. “My Ex…”
I want to know. It’s his life and his past and if I can benefit from the information, all the better.

15. “What Did You Do To Your Hair?”
This shows he is interested in me, that’s good.

16. “That’s Your Mother Talking.”
I say that to myself. I say it to him when he acts like his father.

17. “I Think I’ll Sit This One Out.”
I’m not going to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do. In fact, I didn’t invite him to something I was doing this weekend because I know he would have said something to the effect of this.

18. “I Hate Your Friends.”
My boyfriend has said this to me. I heard him out and partially agree with why he hates the people he hates and I don’t make him hang out with them anymore.

19. “Can You Pick Up The Check This Time?”
Maybe I don’t agree with this because I’ve lived with my boyfriend so long that our money has kind of just melted into one pot… But men shouldn’t be expected to foot the bill all the time. That shit’s expensive.

20. “It’s A Guy Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.”
I probably wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be offended. But I’m nosy and would want to know anyway.

21. “How Many Guys Have You Slept With?”
Sex history is good information. You want to know what she knows… or what she has…

22. “Can We Have A Threesome?”
If you’re into that, and you think she is into that then why not ask this question?

23. “I’m Not In The Mood.”
This is good information to tell a girl. You shouldn’t let her make you have sex with her. That’s dumb.

24. “I Don’t Care.”
I’m guilty of saying this, I can’t be mad at him for when he does.

25. “You Knew I Was Like This.”
I agree with this one…It means you’re not willing to change.

26. “You’re Crazy.”
Saying this to me would help me see what I’m doing wrong.

27. “You Don’t Look So Good.”
I mean…if she doesn’t feel good or something and she looks bad this is just an obvious statement. I rule it as an okay thing to say.

28. “You Should Ask My Mom How To Cook.”
I would love to know the recipes he loves, his mom is the best person to know those. Even if it was a “You’re horrible at this” kind of thing, then that just means the way his girl friend does it, isn’t the way his mom did.

29.“Have You Gained Weight?”
This is iffy. I would want to know if I look bad, but on the other hand there are people out there that are comfortable with themselves.

30. “Will You Marry Me?”
The fuck is this here for? If you love her and want to marry her, ask her. If you don’t… Then why the hell you asking?

(I apologize for the language choices… I use “he” because I am a heterosexual woman and have a male partner. Feel free to imagine my words with any gender, as these questions come up in any relationship I am sure. As for the foul language, I’m an adult and I can say what I want.)