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Blog September Twenty Six

I have just about had it up to HERE with the excuse “We’ve decided to go with a more qualified candidate.” I’ve gotten a few of them. My boyfriend probably has more than he’s told me about. I bring him up because well… he brings the whole situation up this time. I’ve probably talked about this before. And if I haven’t you’ve sure as hell have heard the argument before. You can’t get experience with out a job, can’t get the job without the experience. Well I’m tired of it. Soooooooo tired. I didn’t put myself thousands of dollars in debt to not find a way to pay for it. Anyway. Back to the boy friend thing and why I am ranting today. A couple weeks ago, he applied to a job. They called him for an interview, seemed to like him, said they’d let him know within the week if he’d be hired. A week went by, he sent an email, no response. A few days go by, he calls, no answer. Then he gets a call from a different place, saying that the previous referred him and they’d like an interview. He feels great about the interview then two days later gets a call for a second interview. From my point, sweeeeet, He’s got this. I mean, they called him, they interviewed him twice. He gets a call from them today saying that they went with someone with more advanced skill. Why go through all the trouble!! They did say they’d keep his name on file and seems to be promising for the future (well… from what I’ve read from the boyfriend’s texts and pure optimism on my part). I’m just so angry at the world about this. I am angry because my boyfriend who probably has more experience in his field than I do my own got turned down for something because he had less experience. It’s almost heart breaking, and leaves me with little hope.

So what did I do when I got home today? I started writing. I wrote some stuff that was in my head for some stories. I found a job to apply for that I know I will get turned down for. Then I started looking for another job to apply for. And I found one. One that seems promising and looks really cool. I mean, if I got hired I wouldn’t be called an employee. I’d be called a fellow arsonist. Which sounds crazy and not good, but it’s actually a writing thing so that’s cool. But I have some problems with it.

First, they want a “compelling cover letter.” What the hell does that mean and how do I get one. Haha, just kidding. But really.

Second, It’s near my hometown. That’s nearly two hours away. Which means, if he so-chooses to come along, I’d be uprooting my boyfriend from a place we’ve called home for a little over a year. Which also means all the friends I’ve gathered over that time will then be far away. I’m beginning to make this place my own, something I’ve come to love. So do I want to change everything I’ve been working to create?

Third, the Boyfriend’s parents want me to move to his hometown (four hours away). My parents want me to move there. It would seem unfair to the boyfriend and his family. It’s something that is a hard decision to make. I don’t want to seem like I am favoring my own family. But in all honesty, it’s my future I have to put first. It’s not because I wouldn’t be willing to locate there if needed, but because I need to locate where I find my passion.

But then there’s good stuff.

First, I’d be writing. That would be super cool.

Second, It’s near my hometown. Everything I’ve grown up loving. Everything I know. All the people I left behind a year ago. All the comfort.

Third. Arsonist just sounds cool.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a terrible habit of applying for a job and imagining life as I had already been offered the position? I do this at work constantly. I apply for a position, the next day at my dull job I fantasize about every little detail of the new job. What will I wear? Who will I meet? How should I get there? Do I need to commute by train? Where would I live? And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read my list of pros and cons of a job I HAVENT EVEN APPLIED TO YET. My goal this weekend is to figure out what “compelling cover letter” means to me and write it. The job is open until October First and that is like five sleeps away. But that’s okay because I’ll get this job and be awesome and have the knowledge to work and go where ever I want.

Well. That went from Angry to Uplifting pretty fast.


Blog September Fifteen

I’ve often heard “write what you know” which is why most of my stories deal with romance. I somewhat consider myself an expert on romance because I’ve been in so many relationships. I’ve created in my head an idea of what I know love is and I know it differs from other people. Which is kind of like a four year old saying he is the only expert on the language he made up. Of course he is, he made it up! But isn’t that what writing is about? That’s how J. K. Rowling can get a way with saying there is a secret magical world hiding in the back of a pub in London. It’s because she says it is. A co-worker who read my last blog post suggested I read Stephen King’s On Writing, and he happened to have a copy to let me borrow (thanks Eric). I am now about half way through the book and I love it. I honestly have never read anything of Stephen King and I even doubt I’ve seen any of the movies based on his novel. What I do know of him is that he is famous, he has a lot of best sellers, and he writes science fiction and horror. I am not particularly a fan of these. But On Writing is not horror, it is something of a memoir of his take on writing. He is the four year old explaining his language to other people. I can already say that I have learned so much from just the first half of the book, and it’s mostly just him saying tid-bits of his life and what led up to writing.

One thing I really like is that he says writing is a form of telepathy. The writer describes a scene and the reader imagines it. It’s not always the same scene that the writer had imagined, but similar enough that the writer has indeed instilled in the reader the point they tried to convey. I’ve also heard the line “show, don’t tell” when it comes to story writing or hell, even essay writing. And I did understand it at the time, but King put it in a way that I could see what he was saying. Yes, he “showed” me about “show, don’t tell”‘ing me. That’s what great writers do. I have a lot to learn. But if I put these two ideas in the front of my mind maybe one day I too will be a great writer. Or at least a pretty good one. Or maybe decent one. Nope. That’s pessimism.

So here, future self, my advise to you is “Show What You Know.” Then you’ll be great.

Blog September Ten

I know I’ve been quite the on again off again aspiring writer. The frequency of my blog posts and stories can attest to that. I’ve have plenty of excuses. Some worthy of putting off my dreams, some just a testament to my laziness. Well, while I’ve been trying there have been people out there doing. I keep thinking, my day will come. And I’ll often feel productive when I am unable to be productive, like at work, every damn day. I happened across something interesting the other day. Someone under my eye went out and wrote a book and is being published in an online publishing website launch. How cool is that!? While I’ve been slacking, she’s made quite a name for herself. Since I learned of her Facebook page a week ago, she’s already got 100 likes. Amazing!
The woman I am speaking of is none other than my very own sister-in-law, Amanda Black. She has written an erotic novel named The Apartment. Being my sister-in-law, I haven’t quite accepted that it is an erotic novel, as that would mean I have to accept that my brother’s wife has fantasies. Which means they could be about him, and well that’s just gross. I’m mostly joking, I am going to order her work and read it and be extremely proud of her. If you’re into that sort of thing, you should go pre-order her book, due to be released October 1st. You can do that here– And here is a teaser  and if you are so inclined, here is her Facebook page to keep updated on her works
Guess this means I should put extra work into my own writing. If my sister-in-law can get out a full novel, I can finally get the ball rolling on my children’s book.