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Blog November Sixteen

NanoWriMo Update!

So I’m bad at this. I write more than I have in previous years, but as of today I should be well over 20,000 words. My current word count is 8278. My main issue right now is that chronologically, I am in October of the Novel. I know what I want to happen in January, but not what I want to happen in-between. I just have a general idea. I know that some people like to skip ahead and just come back later, but I don’t want to do that. I feel like I would never come back, or not have good ideas until I get there. I’m at the WriMo regional meeting, hoping I’ll hit 10000 today.

In other news!

Pretty much same old same old. Working a lot. I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Made homemade pumpkin bread with pumpkin not from a can! I haven’t had a chance to taste a piece, but the people at this group meeting are all kinds of “I love it” and “It’s still warm and amazing!” I made a pie last weekend, and something about it being pumpkin from a pumpkin and not from a can the pumpkin is not as potent and the spices come out more. The pie was very cinnamon-y and ginger-y. Not saying it was bad, but next time I should play around with the spices. I’m worried about the bread and that it will turn out the same, the people I served the bread and pie to didn’t have the original recipe with the canned pumpkin. And see, that is my mother coming out in me. So worried about the outcome that they don’t care about the other people saying the thing is fabulous.

I’ve applied to some more jobs, a few of which I need to do some testing to be qualified. The testing is Tuesday and Wednesday. Wish me luck! For both jobs and NaNo!

Blog November Second

Currently I am sitting at Barnes and Noble at my regional live write in for NaNoWriMo. It is day two of this daunting month, want to know how many words I have? 270. Two Hundred and Seventy. It’s day two and I should haveĀ 3,334. Though, we are at a write in, and should start the writing soon I am off to a horrible start. Not that you need to know my excuse but maybe it I type it here I’ll have a layout of the things I’ve done wrong so far.

October 31st- After work, I went to the bar in my Black Cat Costume to meet up with some co-workers. Then, I brought one of those co-workers to a party hosted by a friend of a friend. I felt responsible for said co-worker and since he was having fun, and I was his ride home I felt the need to stay as long as he wanted. Funtimes ensued until 3AM. Oh my goodness. Halloween is a tiring time.. So then…

November 1st- At 8:30AM I had a dentist appointment, surprisingly enough I was able to make it in time, and stayed awake. When I got home, I felt like taking a nap. Then I was going to get up and start the writing. But then me and the boyfriend discovered we needed 1. Lunch. 2. Groceries. 3. Laundry to be done. My nap went entirely too long and then I had dinner plans with a friend. So I had about an hour to write between errands and dinner, I was only able to get about 250 words. Should have been more but I needed some research. Then my plan was to go home after dinner and write, but dinner plans turned into going out with dinner friends and that turned into a makeshift engagement party for said dinner friends. So totally excited for them since I was partly responsible for introducing them and she asked me to be her MOH. SO EXCITED.

November 2nd- Woke up, ate breakfast, showered, went to bank. Now I’m here and we’re going to do writing sprints. So I better prepare myself. Since I am now about 270 words, and don’t even have names for my characters. So bye bye, wish me luck, until next time when I update. Hopefully I’ll have way more words and be ahead of schedule.