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Flash Fiction Thursday

Jessa and I sat in the parlor, discussing the future of our out of wedlock unborn child when the phone rang.
“Darling, the phone here rings constantly. Don’t you ever answer it?” She looked at me puzzled. The truth was that I had answered it a few times earlier this week and had not wanted to hear the other side of the conversation.
“It’s most likely telemarketers dear, I see no need to give in.” I lied to her with a jump, it rang again.
“Oh, simple then, you tell them not to call back.” She picked up the receiver.
“NO, DONT ANS….” It was too late.
“Hello?” I stared at her from the other side of my couch, hoping that this call was not like the others.
“LET ME SPEAK WITH MY HUSBAND!” I heard from the other side of the line.
“Who?” Jessa had not known of my previous marriage. “Frank? Husband?” She looked at me for an answer as I stared blankly. She hung up the phone. “Darling, who is this woman parading as your wife?”
“Let me explain, Jessa. I was married once… But she died just a short time ago. That’s why I haven’t set a date with you yet. She’s been calling every day for over a week now. I know that she is dead, yet still she calls.” I hoped Jessa would believe me, even though the dead do not go around making phone calls.
“Well, have you spoken with her?” All the questions in the world, but she chooses this one as if this were a normal occurrence.
“Honestly no, I’ve been too afraid.” I stared gently at the amazing woman in front of me. My wife had been my everything, the night of the crash I had promised myself that she was all I would ever need again. Then I met Jessa and that changed, but I still kept hold of my wife in my heart.
“What was her name?”
“Your wife, she had a name I assume.”
“Margaret.” Saying her name aloud for the first time since her death made it even more real. Here I was with another woman bearing my child, a dead wife trying to call me, if I didn’t know any better, I would think I was going mad. The phone rang again, right on schedule. Before I could say a word, Jessa answered it.
“Hello Margaret? This is Jessa. I am sort of Frank’s new girl friend, you see I’ve fallen madly in love with him but he has never given me a chance at a full relationship. Well, I am pregnant, and I was hoping this would change his mind. Turns out it was you all along holding him back.” Jessa was silenced as if my wife was talking to her, she giggled as of this were any one of her close friends. “Frank darling, she wants to know if you’re happy?”
I stared blankly.  Happy? Of course I was…for the most part anyway. She was right, I had been holding back afraid that what I was doing was wrong. But what was there to stop me besides a ghost on the line… “I truly believe so.”
“Maggie dear, he says he is. I am as well.” What seemed like ages went by until Jessa hung up the phone. “She won’t be calling back anymore.”
“What? What did she say?” I didn’t believe it. One simple conversation and she was done calling me?
“She needed to know that you had moved on. Five years is a terrible long amount of time to wait on someone she said, now she can move on as well. She gave us her blessing.”

Blog February Seventeen

I’m going to look back at my resolutions and update you on how I’m doing since it’s almost two months since the new year!

1. I said I wanted to loose weight. A year ago I had lost 20 pounds but somehow over the course of the year with holidays I gained 15 of it back. Well good news! I’ve dropped back to the 20 pounds. I’m kind of stuck in limbo though because I’ve hit my struggling point. I want to loose another 10 pounds and I know I’ll need help with exercise but it’s 14 degrees F and going out side sounds awful and gyms are an expense I am not willing to pay at the moment.

2. Haven’t been doing to well with writing. Although I do have some short stories started! Last weekend at my writers group I got an idea for a story and I began to write it. Got to about 1000 words and was not nearly finished with it, hadn’t even gotten to the best parts. Maybe that’ll be a novel too. I think about writing often but it’s usually when I’m at work and can’t do anything about it.

3. Well I had a job interview a week ago for an Office Assistant at an Elementary school. Not quite English major job-ish, but would potentially lead to more opportunities but guess what!? They called me back about two days after the interview and said “We’ve gone with someone with a little more experience.” Yeah? Telling me I don’t have experience? I know. That’s why I applied to a base level job. At an Elementary school.

So anyway, some other things since I haven’t been posting. There was about three weeks ago that I decided to go visit my parents during the weekend of a big snow storm. I left their house in the thick of a wet soggy rain/snow. Roads weren’t great and I sort of just drove where I thought the road was. Yay I made it home! Well, on the way to Walmart to pick up some groceries I stopped by the bar that my boyfriend was playing pool, couldn’t find a parking spot so decided to just head to Walmart, but couldn’t leave the parking lot due to a freaking flat tire! And to top that off, my car had lug nut locks with no key! It didn’t come with a jack either. Sunday I got the car fixed and on Monday I called the dealer to bitch them out for not including the proper tools for my car. Longer story short- They couldn’t do anything about it but give me $50 bucks. It was frustrating to say the least.

My writers group has decided to create a book club to be discussed at our meetings. I’m excited about it because the first book is something I would have never chosen to read myself. That will help my reading greatly for learning about new genres. I’m also working on the novel my sister in law wrote, an erotic novel. It’s weird because I can tell so much of her personality was put into the characters and its a little raunchy. Something I wouldn’t normally read, mixed with family. It’s good so far though, maybe down the line I’ll write a book review.

Time for bed me thinks. I have a flash fiction idea to write, I’ll try to post it by the end of the week.