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Blog March Twenty Two

Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn’t have something planned. Offered to me was some overtime at my work and I took it, but that was all. The boy friend and I decided to get some shopping out of the way, he bought a blow dart gun and together we got some gifts for an upcoming wedding shower. During dinner we attempted to get some friends together for drinks and failed, so movie night at home it was.
At a Redbox kiosk I chose a film called Palo Alto (based on a book by James Franco) and since I got 50 cents off a second rental, the boy friend chose John Wick. I wasn’t really feeling an action movie so we watched Palo Alto to watch first in case I fell asleep.
I’m no critic and I usually love indie films, but Palo Alto deserves two stars out of five. Like seriously, it had a good feel to it from the description and the first like 3/4ths of it was good. But there was no end! No point to it at all! I then chose to read up on the back story of how this movie even got financing. Turns out it was a series of stories that James Franco wrote and Gia Coppola decided to write a screen play and direct it. I get the teen angst and problems of growing up with distant parents or way too close parents or cute soccer coaches… But there was no fix for these people or problems that they have. I guess its the spoiled nature of Disney movies or more mainstream love stories and wanting a happy ending. Palo Alto reaches that raw teenage emotion that I’m sure I felt at one point or another and it was beautifully told up to a certain point. The boyfriend and I just kept waiting for someone to die or the teacher to get caught or the father to get his comeuppance, but there was no relief. Honestly, it wasn’t horrible, and I say you should watch it… Just let yourself use your creative juices to invent a better ending. I might just see if I can find the original book and see if Franco had a better closure.
I did in fact fall asleep during the action movie, but had the chance to watch before returning the rentals this morning. Holy crap, it was good. Keanu Reeves was amazing. It’s a great story of a ex-badguy getting revenge. The worst part of it was when they killed the puppy (that’s not a spoiler, it says it in the description). Let it be a warning to you, kill a man’s puppy – prepare to die yourself. I teared up a bit at that part. Not a big bang bang shoot them up kind of movie goer, but this had more to it. Could be the puppy vengeance plot line speaking to my poor loving heart, but there’s more I’m sure. I think I’ll put this near the top of my favorite movies honestly, I recommend you go watch it.

As for other news, not much has been going on. I got my hair cut yesterday as well and they cut too much off. I mean, I did tell her to my shoulders but this is… Short. I got about 4-5 inches cut off. Can’t complain too much though it looks kind of cute and hair grows back. Continue reading

Blog March Third

I recently read the first novel in an erotic series called The Apartment by Amanda Black. You too can read the series here –

“Lily has spent a lifetime putting everyone else’s needs before her own. Ethan is struggling to find a place in the home he left behind.”

This book has every part of a romance novel you’d expect, but the small town quirky-ness really gives it it’s own flare. Not that I can say much to that, this is the first erotic novel I’ve ever read. That being said, I wasn’t too impressed by all the sex scenes. They were really steamy and easy to follow, but my personal taste wanted more story line. Not saying there was a lack of story line, I loved the development of characters. I can’t wait to read the second novel to see what happens where this one left off. A few years back I planned on reading Twilight, and I couldn’t read it because of the horrible writing style. That was not the case with The Apartment. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a sexy hot encounter meets budding romance.

Now, that is my un-biased review. I say un-biased because if you hadn’t noticed, the author and myself have the same last name. Followers of my blog will know, this author is in fact my Sister-in-law. I shamelessly promoted her book back in October when it was released. Now, as per the link above, both novels in the series have been published. Now for my biased opinion… The book is great! There was a lot of personality in the book that it was tough at times to get through though. (I mean come on, sister-in-law’s erotic fantasies…like dude…that could be my brother. Gross.) But don’t take my word for it, go read for yourself!