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Blog May Twenty Five

Woah, so looking back, I haven’t posted in a really long time. I was looking at my resolutions and I haven’t really been keeping up on them at all. More life got in the way.

I was getting on here to post a story that I had written since I thought I hadn’t yet, but turns out I have. So what I plan on doing now is writing the second half of it. Since it is Memorial day and all, I have some time to work on it. Speaking of which, BIG shout out to those veterans who served and lost their lives just so I could sit here and ramble on to the few listeners that I have.

A little off topic here, but I just recently got my first full set gel manicure and it is the worst thing to try and type. My nails keep hitting keys I don’t want. Its also weird because they are square and I’m not used to it. They look great but I’m not sure I’ll get them again.┬áBut I’ll survive I promise. I got them done with a friend of mine who is getting married. The wedding was two days ago and it was beautiful. One of the best receptions I’ve been to!

Humm.. what else is new? Oh! I got a kitten! The night I picked him up the first thing he did was jump on my boyfriend’s shoulders like a parrot so we call him Captain Jack. He’s adjusted nicely and I’ve even made him a little box fort he seems to enjoy now and then. I’ve applied to about 4 jobs in one month and no bites yet, but one of them was recent so I still have hope.

Currently, I am waiting for a cake to bake. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away a couple weeks ago. It was a bit sudden, she had always told me she was going to live to 120. 85 was close enough right? She’s in a better place now. As for my grandfather, he is going out of his mind with her not around and is consolidating. Turns out he didn’t need her really nice stand mixer, but thought I did. I am making a cake today to show him he had the right idea.

Better get to writing that story!