Monthly Archives: September 2015

Flash Fiction Handcuff

Sometimes I lay down and feel my wrist tightening. I hope it’s just a memory but deep down, I know it’s his ghost gripping harder.

Flash Fiction Villian

I look over at the bottle marked with the “X.” Sure it’s cliché to put poison in something, especially from vial marked with “X,” that you intend on giving to someone who wronged you in the past. But that’s how all great murders are. Revenge of the heart. And what better to serve up revenge than with food?

He doesn’t know what’s coming to him, I start thinking as I place the wedding topper on the cake. I didn’t spend my life in pastry school just to watch him marry my girl.

I watch from the sidelines as the couple share their first slice of cake together. Just as she shoves frosting onto his face, they collapse.

If I can’t have her, no one can.