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Blog October Thirtyone

Well, it’s finally here. The hourly countdown to NaNoWriMo. As per my last post, I didn’t have any ideas besides some time traveling dinosaurs. And while that sounds kind of fun….that’s just hard for me to conceptualize a proper plot. Not a huge sciencefiction/supernatural/fantasy writer, if you didn’t notice. Anyway. I’ve had some time to think about it and I also gained some inspiration from my sister-in-law and now my plot has thickened. (Lol word puns) It’s going to be about a time traveling serial killer. Now that I am really thinking about it, I could style after one of my favorite movies and go with a romance story that’s not really romance. (Princess Bride) Which I read the book a few weeks ago, Buttercup is a dick. So a serial killer traveling through time killing people to get to the girl he loves. Not quite vigilant though, I kind of want this to be a bad guy’s story. So he’ll be running a muck because he darn well can.

In other news! It’s Halloween! I’m so excited! This year I’m going as Wednesday Addams and maybe I’ll post some pictures up later. I didn’t really have any plans tonight but I know I wanted to go out or party or something. I have a few options. Hang out with old friends or completely new ones. I was telling someone about my previous dilemma about not knowing what I was doing and since I’m still fairly new to the suburbs, he had some friends in the area hook me up with a party. So that’s exciting.

Speaking of that friend. He’s a very talented artist and you should go check out his work.You can check out his work here! Or buy copies of his work on tshirts and stuff Here!

OOoh! More news, I have an interview for something not writing or baking related and I’m not giving any details but I’m super excited so wish me luck and stuff!


The Cold Case

Incident Report #00635501
Officer on Duty: Jake Owens, 2103007
Time and Date: October 21, 2015 12:03PM

Arrived at scene of 307 Oakley Lane. Mother, Joan Meister uncontrollably crying points to back bedroom. Blood stains on floor, celling, and walls. Three year old, Baxter stabbed 47 times. No witnesses, mother unable to give her personal statement at the time. Currently in Questioning room, calming down. No weapon found.

Summersville Tribune Oct 21, 2015
Hunt for Murderer
By Jackie Bianco

Early this morning, police were called to the scene of Miss Joan Meister, a 25 year old day care nurse. Her three year old son, Baxter was found stabbed to death. At this time police do not have a suspect or murder weapon. If you have any information relevant to this crime you are encouraged to call the hotline at 555-073-2136

Incident Report #00635502
Officer on Duty: Jake Owens, 2103007
Time and Date: October 23, 2015 3:07PM

Baxter’s body reported missing by coroner. No visible signs of entry, forensics team still sifting through finger prints. Joan’s account of the night of the stabbing: “He was just a happy little boy, I don’t know why they would do this. I was up late working on his costume and heard some voices on the monitor, so I ran in there and he was fine. Checked in on him before I went to bed and I found the room all bloody.” Team went back to the house to do more searching, found no evidence of other people at the house that night.

Summersville Tribune Oct 24, 2015
Hunt Continues
By Jackie Bianco

During an ongoing police investigation of the brutal murder of Baxton Meister, morgue official Terry Weisman discovered the child’s body missing. Police again baffled as there were no visible signs of entry. Joan Meister, Baxton’s mother, was not available for comment at this time. Police have begun questioning neighbors, friends and family. If you have any information relevant to this crime you are encouraged to call the hotline at 555-073-2136

Summersville Tribune Oct 26, 2015
Exclusive Interview
By Jackie Bianco

The heartbreaking story of Baxter, a three year old who was brutally stabbed in his own home still goes unsolved. The Tribune got an exclusive interview with Joan, Baxter’s mother. “I had put Bax down to sleep around 8 that night. I was cleaning the house and making his Halloween costume when I heard voices on the baby monitor around midnight. I ran to his room to check on him since I didn’t have no people over and he can’t quite talk yet. But there he was sleeping peacefully in his crib. I went back to the living room and not long after I heard the voices again. I ran to his room and that’s when I saw all the blood. I couldn’t get him to cry or nothing, I picked him up and he wasn’t breathing.” Police still haven’t been able to find any fingerprints at the scene of the crime and now have expanded their search to other counties for the boy’s body. In a plea to the murderer or murderers, Joan had this to say “I just want to know why they would hurt an innocent boy. He didn’t do anything.” The department and the officers on this investigation continue their search but are interested in leads the public may have. The hotline contact is 555-073-2136

Incident Report #00635503
Officer on Duty: Jake Owens, 2103007
Time and Date: October 27, 2015 4:00PM

My last contact with Joan was before the third newspaper article was published. The article had an interview with her that did not fully coincide with her original statement with the SPD. A copy of the article has been attached to the incident report. I have called Jackie Bianco for information on her interview and she gave me her notes. A missing person’s report has been filed. Baxter’s body still has not been recovered. Survailence tapes show a black hooded figure walk into the morgue but no persons working on sight had memory of this event. Our only suspect at this time is Joan Meister.

Summersville Tribune Oct 31, 2015
A Case Gone Cold
By Jackie Bianco

Just ten days after the discovery of Baxton Meister, a three year old, brutally stabbed to death by his mother the case has gone cold. The police officer in charge of the investigation, Jake Owens, now believes the mother may have been behind the murder all along. Joan Meister, has reportedly gone missing since the Tribune’s last interview with her. In an interview with Owens he stated “So far our only witness was Joan. She had an alibi during the time the child was taken from the morgue but we are not doubting she also had something to do with that. With no leads to go on, this case will no longer be a priority.” People with tips are still encouraged to call the hotline at 555-073-2136

Incident Report #0635504
Officer on Duty: Jake Owens, 2103007
Time and Date: November 13, 2015 10:00AM

Voicemail on personal cell phone this morning at 5:09AM came from a restricted number. Voice sounds like that of Joan Meister, of the Baxter Meister cold case file from a month ago. All she said was “The devil made me do it.” Forensics could not trace the call. Given the circumstances the case still remains cold, but there is a warrant out for Miss Meister’s arrest.


Blog October Sixteen

AHHHHHH! NaNoWriMo is only SIXTEEN days away!!!

I have no good story ideas this year. Well not enough for novel size anyway. I have some short stories cooking up. And a request…or somewhat requested… a scary/gory story with no happy ending. Hopefully I can crank something like that out by Halloween. A couple weeks ago I was sitting with my uncles and aunt and we were talking about how Christmas season has already hit store shelves and how that’s just crazy. They just kind of graze over Halloween and Thanksgiving like those aren’t good holidays too. (Personally Thanksgiving is my favorite, but its also near my birthday so I might be biased) But the whole point of our conversation is that they’re all lumped together and someone should write a story like that. So that’s my next children’s type story, but for like adults. (Like the one book Go the F**k to Sleep) It’ll be centered around Urban the Undead Reindeer and the search for his missing nose with the help of Jack-O-Clause. It’ll be my big break someday I’m sure. I have friends who draw good, collaboration or something! Yay!

As for NaNo, I had originally planned to just continue on with my novel from last year since I only got 15000 words. But I feel like that’s just not fun. I do need to finish that one. I’ve asked friends and the only real suggestion so far is time travel. One suggestion being a group of dinosaurs sent to current time period, who think humans are crazy so they try to go back and make it so the dinosaurs survive. That’ll be fun I think, but would require some research. Most of my stories are romantic in nature so maybe I could throw in a Human/Dino love thing…or is that too Romeo and Juliet?

What about you blog-o-sphere…do you have any suggestions for me? Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year and have a great novel idea cooked up?

Oh. And I’ve just been posting stories lately, haven’t blogged in a while. Oh jeeeze.. Last actual blog was about the breakup. Well a lot has happened since then. Moved in with my aunt in the suburbs, and got a job at a bakery! Which, truth be told isn’t quite what I had hoped. The people are fun and all and I get to eat mistakes and cookie dough is delicious but I really think my forte is writing. I’ve been looking into potential jobs and I’ll need to put together a portfolio or something. Idk. It’s hard to be optimistic right now, but for some reason putting this all down in words makes me think I can do this. I can find something worth doing. I can be happy. I mean, I’m only nearly 26 25, I have the whole world ahead of me yet.

Flash Fiction Signs

I saw you tonight in the club for the first time in years. Our past melted away as we danced and I remembered all the happy moments.
On the drive home, our song played on the radio. I hadn’t heard it since long ago. That’s when I remembered all the bad moments.

The Curtain

I came to the set early today since they had just installed the new curtains. I wanted to get some practice drawing them back before I made a fool of myself in front of the entire cast.

They were big and heavy deep red velvet curtains. The kind you saw on in movies about the Ziegfeld Follies.

The pulley system was also brand new, but the weight of the curtain still made it difficult to pull. I jumped up high and grabbed on to the rope and let myself fall. That wasn’t as hard as I originally planned. Once the curtains stopped flowing I noticed the gap I had made was only a few yards. It would take at least four of these jumps to open the curtain fully. Maybe even five. I jumped up again and pulled down hard until my hands reached the floor. We’ll try four of these. I jumped up two more times and the curtain was fully open. I looked out into the empty audience chairs and up to the light and sound booth. No one was here yet.

I pulled the curtains closed, reached up and pulled down again to open them. I hear a deep voice from behind. “Should be a little less jerky.”

Startled, I jump up and pull the cord and behind the curtain stood a young man. “It’s my first time drawing these since they installed them.”

“I can tell.” He says with a big grin.

“You must be that college student they brought in to help with the sound.” I finish pulling the rope, with less of a jerk motion. Now self-conscious in front of the cute boy

“Skyler.” He held out his hand.

I took it and we shook. “Natalie. So if you go through those doors it leads out into the hallways, first classroom on the right you’ll find the director.”

“Great!” He walked out into the hallway and I turned back to the curtain rope. I jumped up and gracefully pulled down.

The next few weeks turned into a stressful blur. Opening night of the musical was fast approaching and it didn’t seem like anyone knew what they were doing. I also seemed to be developing a crush on Skyler even though it didn’t seem like he knew I existed past being his stage manager. My attempts at flirting were thwarted by my sense to do my job. A week before the show I came in again to practice with the curtains. Tonight was our first full dress rehearsal and I had a nervous tension that nothing would go right. Once again I leapt up as far as I could and lugged the heavy rope to the floor.

“Better.” I heard from behind the curtain in a now familiar voice.


“You ready?” Skyler stepped onto my side of the curtain.

“As ready as I think I can be.” I smiled, though there must have been some tension on my face.

“Everything will be okay.” He put his hand on my shoulder. I was instantly comforted even though this was the first time we had contact besides a hand shake. The director came in through the back doors and gave both of us a start.

“Ready, kids?” She walked across the stage and placed a chair on its marking tape.

“Ready, boss!”

“Skyler, you know after the intro where the spooky sounds come up? I didn’t hear them last night, any way you could turn them up a bit?” The director wasn’t even looking at us, she just kept shuffling set pieces to their proper spot.

“Sure thing, Dori.” Skyler headed towards the light and sound booth in the balcony of the audience. I began helping her with the set. The actors trickled down from their classes and began getting into their costumes.

The next night the cast and crew went to see a movie after a long day of double rehearsals. It was like a family bonding experience, a ritual held every year. This year’s movie choice was Big Hero 6.

I sat down next to my favorite crew member, a rookie freshman named Nick. We were talking about my time in theatre when I felt someone sit down in the empty aisle seat next to me.

“Hey Nat.” Skyler held out his popcorn bag to Nick and me.

“Oh hey there.” I smiled and grabbed a few pieces as Nick nudged me. He had figured out my feelings for Skyler almost instantly. He was convinced Skyler liked me too, but I was insistent that he still didn’t see past me being his stage manager. I blushed as the theater got dark, the movie was about to start.

The opening night of the show everyone was nervous, especially the director and me. I assured her that everything would go smoothly even though I was in knots myself. Before the show the cast and crew formed a circle for good lucks and any last notes the director had for their performances. Once we broke the circle Skyler came up to me and held out his fist. It took me a moment to realize what he wanted. I held out my own fist and bumped his.

“Balalalala.” We said in unison to imitate Baymax from Big Hero Six. I smiled.

“We got this.” He said as he ran up to the light and sound booth. I smiled again as I walked towards my spot at the curtain.

That night the whole show went smoothly. Every actor hit their cue, the crew moved the set around in darkness perfectly. The audience loved the performance and cheered us on even after I had closed the curtains. Another ritual was to do excited yells led by the seniors. We did it right there on stage, the seniors all gathered onto the highest part of the set. Even though Skyler had not gone to the school, I pulled him on to the plat with me and the rest of my upper classmates.

“Ahhh!” We chanted.

“Ahhh!” The younger ones cried back.

“Woooo.” We yelled, a bit louder.

“Woooo.” They called back.

“WOOOOOAHHH!” We yelled so loud, the audience could probably hear us.

“WOOOOOAHHH!” They screamed.

“YAAAAAYYY!” The seniors and the freshman all yelled together. Except for me. I was pulled down to the front part of the stage by my waist and before I could notice what was happening, my lips were locked with Skyler’s. Almost enveloped by the big red curtain.