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The Prom Killing

Here is a sneak peak at a chapter of my in-progress NaNoWriMo Novel.

I never fit in at school. Then again, I don’t think anyone ever did. They were just playing their part until graduation day when they could leave the hell hole forever. I barely skipped by in my classes but that was only because my teachers thought I was smarter than what I put on paper.

I just wasn’t applying myself or whatever bullshit that was. Which is probably true but school sucked and I didn’t care just like any other teenager like me. There was one year that I got saddled with a prep on a project. He was one of those kids that just seemed to do well in every aspect of his life. Hot girlfriend, perfect parents, friends with the whole football team, teacher’s pet in every class.

I did my bare minimum part and refused to meet with him outside of the class time we were provided. Well he didn’t like that. The parts that I gave him to include in our essay weren’t up to his straight A standards so he rewrote the entire thing using my ideas and presented it himself, telling the teacher that I didn’t help at all. When the teacher graded the paper she praised the parts that I had put in, and didn’t have much good to say on his parts. He still walked away with an A, and since she knew I did more than I let on gave me a passing grade.

Brandon went around that afternoon and boasted about his work on the project. Telling his friends that it was little effort on his part. It wasn’t until then that I started to notice how full of himself that he was.

A few weeks later he told everyone he single-handedly won the basketball game. I didn’t know much about sports at the time, but I know that is something that takes team effort. I kept my distance but still watched him, getting more and more annoyed with every story I heard. I heard him say that he was going to win Prom King before the campaigning even began, talking about what he was going to do to the Queen when he got his crown. The other kids started believing him too. “What was the point in the election if Brandon was going to win” they’d say. That’s when I decided there wasn’t going to be a Brandon the night of Prom.

All the kids in that school would vote him in as the most popular and be devastated when he didn’t show up for his own crown. I waited for the perfect moment. I had to make sure that I was seen to provide an alibi and that he was at the dance so no one would suspect any different.

I asked some nerdy girl who had no hopes at a real date to help back up my plan. I’d just slip away to the bathroom when I saw the right moment. When I finally saw him go to the hall I excused myself and followed him. A fortunate mistake for me, Brandon wasn’t heading for the bathroom at all. He was headed for the courtyard, where he met some hooded figures and exchanged something small for a wad of cash in his pocket. It was a perfect cover-up, a drug deal gone bad. None of the people he met with would fess up. I hid behind a tree near the entrance back to the school and when he finally came back I threw my pocket knife right into his back.

He fell to the ground and attempted looking behind him. I creeped up to him and pulled the knife out. His last words were inaudible, I must have hit a lung since his breathing was harsh. He started reaching out, but I skillfully threw the knife down into his back again. This time I am sure I punctured his stomach, he started coughing up blood. Pulling the knife out once more, I threw it down into his neck. I cleaned the knife off with a towel I had in my blazer pocket and stowed it away tossing the towel onto Brandon. “Here, you’re so great. Clean yourself off and come inside. Your crown is waiting” I said to him.

When he didn’t show up to the podium that night to get his crown people had just assumed that he went home with his girlfriend. Turns out she had left too with another boy when he didn’t show up with her drugs. They didn’t actually find his body until early Monday morning when the custodians arrived. Just as I figured, the police decided it was a drug deal gone badly since there was no evidence against it. The perfect image of a good boy was tarnished and I didn’t even have to touch him.


Blog November Nine

Well Well Well, day nine of NaNo and my word count should be at 15003. Guess where I am!?


If I keep going at this rate, NaNo says I’ll finish on June 4th. To catch up I need to write 2179 words per day. Uggggggggh. Maybe I should have stuck to my original idea and just picked up from where my losing novel was last year.

But no. That’s being a loser. I am a winner. (Want to be anyway, I’ve yet to win) I will write this novel and win.

I’ve fleshed out some details in my mind about where this story is going. I have some special people to thank for that but I’ll wait and put them on my thanks page when the novel is finished.

So what’s new in non-writing Nelly’s life? Uhm. Not much. That interview I barely spoke of went great, just waiting to hear back from them. The Bakery is the bakery and my hands hurt a lot. Uhm. Yeah, that’s about it. I’m boring.

Man, I can’t even think of anything to write for this blog post either… guess I should go back and try my luck at Theo the time traveling serial killer.

Blog November First


It’s finally here and I finally have a plot and some words down on paper! Reading the NaNo Pep Talk gave me some useful ideas. They talk about your writing factory. You know, your life and everything you base your writing on. If you don’t have time to write, you need to cut something out of your life if you want to be a writer. I don’t exactly agree with that, because I have other interests too. But they’re right. If you’re not writing all the time then what are you doing? Another thing it talked about today was about writers block. Sometimes I get that throughout the year, and that’s usually when I turn to friends for story ideas. But this is different. This is a novel. Sure I could go up to a friend, tell them whats going on with my characters and they can help. But what about the knowledge part of it all. It brings me back to school when I was taking tests. During tests you can’t ask your friends for help. You have to come to that test with the knowledge and to get that you need to study beforehand. The pep talk talks about doing research. Which I sort of did last year for places and little things but I’m going to have to do a lot more of that this year. My novel this year is about a time traveling serial killer. I know next to nothing about those two things. That means that I’m going to have to do a lot of research on serial killers. Oh boy is my search history going to be awkward. I should also look into some thriller novels… maybe some movies actually. Suggestions for good ones may be left in the comments! And since I’ve already got started, I’ll post the first few paragraphs for you!

I don’t give a shit about people. They’re disgusting creatures who embody every part of the seven deadly sins. Like Tommy, the boy from a few houses down from where I grew up. The most gluttonous kid I’ve ever met. Looking back on that day I don’t regret a damn thing.

This kid was having his own personal hotdog eating contest, except it wasn’t hot dogs. Ho-hos and ding-dongs was all he ever wanted to eat and one day he had like four or five boxes of each, just sitting there opening package after package and devouring them. On his front lawn no less, for every person to see. If I hadn’t of killed him, diabetes would have eventually anyway.

That’s what did it for me. I couldn’t stop. Anyone who pissed me off had to go.

The best part is that no one ever found Tommy’s killer; who would suspect a ten year old boy? Newspaper headlines went crazy, you heard frantic cries from his mother every night on the radio, posters and fliers all over the neighborhood. I just sat back in dad’s laz-e-boy and watched cartoons and drinking a beer every night for a solid three weeks. That is my happiest memory.

Ooh And while I’m at it, last blog I told you that I was going to a total stranger’s house for Halloween fun. It was totally awkward, but got more interesting as the night went on. And as sorta-promised, a picture of me in my Wednesday costume. (I got lots of compliments on it, pretty proud even though it was pretty basic)

This is my costume, I'm a homicidal maniac. They dress like everyone else.

This is my costume, I’m a homicidal maniac. They dress like everyone else.