Blog November Nine

Well Well Well, day nine of NaNo and my word count should be at 15003. Guess where I am!?


If I keep going at this rate, NaNo says I’ll finish on June 4th. To catch up I need to write 2179 words per day. Uggggggggh. Maybe I should have stuck to my original idea and just picked up from where my losing novel was last year.

But no. That’s being a loser. I am a winner. (Want to be anyway, I’ve yet to win) I will write this novel and win.

I’ve fleshed out some details in my mind about where this story is going. I have some special people to thank for that but I’ll wait and put them on my thanks page when the novel is finished.

So what’s new in non-writing Nelly’s life? Uhm. Not much. That interview I barely spoke of went great, just waiting to hear back from them. The Bakery is the bakery and my hands hurt a lot. Uhm. Yeah, that’s about it. I’m boring.

Man, I can’t even think of anything to write for this blog post either… guess I should go back and try my luck at Theo the time traveling serial killer.

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