Monthly Archives: December 2015

Blog December One

So I let myself down. I just couldn’t get into the story I was writing and since it’s a holiday month I didn’t really have time for it anyway. So there goes another NaNoWriMo down the drain.

But I did get the urge to write today. I don’t know what about. But the fact that I still want to do this says something right? Maybe I’ll find random plot online and write about that.

My yearly ritual of going down town Chicago to visit Christkindlemarket and Macy’s to write a letter to Santa is coming up. Someone asked me what I was going to ask him for. Seeing as this year has just been the worst, I think I’ll just ask for a better 2016.

Yes, I’m 26 years old and still write letters to Santa. Shut up. What are you going to ask for this year?