Monthly Archives: February 2016

Blog February Twenty Three

It is me. I am back. I have risen from the dead.

Or at least, I dug myself out of the grave and I’m just kind of sitting here waiting for creativity to flow into my mangled brain.

You ever just, don’t feel like anything? This newish job at the bakery (Did I tell you I got a job at a bakery? Idk either. Well I did.) is killing me. I work awkward long hours and don’t have time to do anything for myself really. I obviously haven’t written anything in a while. I haven’t really made time for friends. I haven’t baked or cooked anything outside of work in months. I get up. Go to work. Come home exhausted. Get up. Go to work. I had a few interviews for jobs but have gotten turned down for reasons, mostly because they went with someone else. Man. Trying to make changes in your life is hard.

There’s some things I’d like to talk about but can’t. Mostly how the retail/grocery life sucks and I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp on why. I’ll make a special post for if and when I ever get out of this crazy industry.

I started a short story the other day.. and it’s coming out horror but I’m not sure that’s the actual direction I want to take it. Good stories always go in unexpected directions.

My NaNoWriMo novel from a couple months ago sucked and I know I could do better but I’ll have to read some novels in that style before I can really do anything about it I think. I do think that I want to go back to my novel a couple years ago and actually finish it.

To get into the habit of writing, I need to write. I’ve probably said that a million times, But here we go again I guess.