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Blog March Six

I got an astounding 526 views on my Red Rebel County post today! Most of mine only reach the 40’s so that’s super cool!

But seeing that band and the feedback I got on that post today made me think hard about the situation. I really like going to shows, especially local ones, and I totally like writing stuff. So I’ve created a separate blog just for band reviews and such!

I’ll keep mostly up-to-date on this blog like I normally sort of do. This one will just stick to ramble posts and short stories and reviews of books, and all that reading/writing. The other will be more focused on bands. I’ve already got some posts up, but some you’ve probably seen before following this blog.

Still working out the look and feel of the site. I’ll probably need a better name, but here it is in all its glory….

Red Rebel County Review

Last night I found myself in a small town called Manhattan, Illinois. At only 7093 people, it’s one of those towns you drive through that if you blink, you’ll miss it. But last night, I got a small glimpse of what happens when you turn the whole town green for St. Patrick’s Day.

The 22nd annual Manhattan Irish Fest was well underway when I arrived at 7pm. Starting at 11AM with parades and 5k’s and plenty of activities for families, there was plenty of Irish celebrations to choose from. What I showed up for was the band Red Rebel County. A nine person live Irish music band from Chicago, Illinois.

The band got its start in 2009 playing everything from covers of Dropkick Murphy’s and Flogging Molly to traditional Irish drinking songs to their own original music. They are sure to bring life to any venue, as I saw last night.

Red Rebel County got the large tent dancing and drinking. The show sure was fun, plenty of girls in front row doing their best Irish gig impressions turned into a beer slinging mosh pit by the end of their two hour set. The band even inviting a few up on stage for more dancing. Safe to say the show is not for the wee lads and lasses. I got a heck of a deal, a t-shirt and CD for $20 to which I’ll be listening to for weeks in prep for the real St. Patrick’s Day.

This is definitely a band you’ll want to see in person. You can follow the band on Facebook and check out their website at for a show near you.