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The Car Crash

“You’re not supposed to sit and stare you know.”

“It’s not against the law.”

“But it’s not nice.” Jake sat next to Anna on the porch swing. It was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures were reaching into the 90’s, but it was nothing out of the ordinary for the small Midwest town.

“There’s a three car pileup in front of my house and what? I’m just supposed to go do my dishes or something?”

“That’s the polite thing. Imagine if that was you in the mangled up Buick there.”

“I just want to figure out what happened.” She pushed her foot off the ground and they began to swing.

Jake pointed to the front vehicle. It was some kind of older green Chevy coupe, its back end unrecognizable. “Looks like that guy didn’t see the green light. The truck in back there didn’t see the Buick and Chevy just sitting at the green light and boom. See now you don’t have to wonder anymore.”

“Jake, you’re not…”

“Not what, Anna?” His arms crossed, she knew he was angry.

“Yes, I’m sure that’s what happened logically. But what about the emotions. Why did the green guy not notice the light? Was the Buick not paying attention either? Why didn’t the truck honk? There’s reasons things happen, Jake and I just want to sit and figure it out.”

“Oh my God.”

“What?” She stopped the swinging and scanned the wreckage for something that would make Jake jump in excitement.

“You’re too emotionally invested in things like this.” Jake stood and stared at her.

“I don’t see anything wrong in it. I’m not going down to ask them what happened. I’m sitting on my own porch not bothering anyone.”

“You should just go do the dishes and you know it.” He took a few steps towards the front door.

“No.” She began the swing of the seat again.

“Fine. I’ll go ask.” He turned around and walked down the stairs in an angry huff.

“Jake, now that’s not necessary.” But he didn’t hear her. She watched him walk towards the green car. He stuck his head into the window, careful not to touch the cut glass. Then she watched him walk around the other side of the Buick. He lowered himself so she couldn’t see him anymore. The police officer on the scene was helping the paramedics into the ambulance, as he turned around she thought about warning Jake.

Anna looked back at the wreck towards the truck. Jake was not there, he must have finished is snooping around but where did he go she wondered.

“Ma’am, can I have a word with you.” The police officer stood at the bottom step of her porch. She was so focused on the truck that she didn’t notice him walking her way. He seemed to be a rookie, fumbling to find a pen in his pockets.

“Oh. Uh. Yes, what is it officer?” She stopped the swinging once more.

“You can call me Henry. Uh, ma’am did you see the accident?” He finally located the pen and a small notebook in the pocket of his shirt.

She hesitated. “No, I was in my kitchen getting water ready to wash dishes. I heard a screeching tire noise and then a loud clunk. I heard another loud clunk and that’s when I came out here.”

The officer flipped through his notes. “Jake, Jake Lannister, that’s your husband, right?”

“Yeah, did you see him down there?” She looked around for him again not paying attention to the officer’s expression.

“Uh, Mrs. Lannister, that Silverado is his is, it not?” He looked towards the truck to see what she was staring at so intently for.

“He was running out to get ice cream.” Her face went blank.

“Well, as we uhm. As we see it, he’s not at fault here. But, ma’am I guess I’m just curious as to why you’re sitting here, still.” He looked back at her and took a step up.

“He was just running out to get some ice cream.”

“If he had been wearing his seat belt ma’am…” The officer took another step up and began to put his pen and notebook away.

“Ice. Cream.” They both were still. The officer staring at Anna and Anna eyes focused on the truck. The Silverado with the broken windshield, no driver in the front seat, ice cream splattered on the dash board. She finally broke the silence. “Did you find his body?”

“Well it’s on the other side of the Buick, I wouldn’t recommend going over there.”

Anna stood up and ran down the steps past the officer.

“I wouldn’t recommend that ma’am!” He yelled out to her.

She reached the Buick. Airbags deployed and all the passengers, including the baby had been taken to the hospital. She slowly walked around to the other side and held tightly to her stomach.

Jake’s body peacefully laid on a stretcher, a blanket covered him up to the neck so you couldn’t see how badly he had been hurt. With tears in her eyes, Anna sat down next to him and held his hand as paramedics rolled both of them towards the ambulance.