Gibbles the Sidekick

Gibbles the sidekick was no ordinary sidekick. He had a rough time in highschool. No one knew how to pronounce his name. Some called him Gobbles, some said jibbles, Gibblet, Hibbet, Fibbers, Tiddles, and one even said Gobblers. He was always made fun of him because he was the runt of the litter, and he had abnormally large front teeth for a gofer. 

Now, years later he’s the best crime solver out there. Sure, the hero gets the bad guy, but it was Gibbles who did all the handy work. Though he never gets the credit he deserves, being the lowly sidekick.

It sometimes takes Gibbles months to figure out the clues for the bad guy, usually because the hero always butts in when it’s not necessary. He works for a few different heroes and with occasional oversights he mixes the cases, causing at least a week to sort it all out. Of course, the heroes blame him. But he takes it with stride.

A few​ weeks ago he decided to look for a case to solve completely uninterrupted, totally on his own. This time Gibbles was going to be the hero.

There was rumors of the local town ghost that always creeped the cemetery and nearby houses. It was believed to be Sir Bartholomew Abernathy, the only lion to successfully beat the English Cavalry single-handed. Why he died was a mystery, some say he never actually died and was 247 years old, still playing tricks on people. Others believed it was the college Fraternity, Beta Phi Omega, and it was some crazy part of their hazing rituals. Members of the fraternity never kept their stories straight. When Gibbles interviewed them he concluded it was all a big ruse. 

His next plan was to interview the homes surrounding the cemetery. There he concluded that the ghost comes out especially during the summer months, his biggest haunt being the fourth of July. That’s when he decided to stake out the cemetery on that day, even asking the groundskeeper to put a tent out. He of course said no, but Gibbles is after all a gofer and just made his own hideout/sleeping quarters in a hole on top of the hill. It was a perfect look out. 

From what he gathered of Sir Bartholomew Abernathy, he was originally from Africa. Came to this town in search of a lovely feline wife (we didn’t care about the species as long as she was the most beautiful). Though all he found was Beatrice, a calico. The two fell in love anyway and lived a decent life until the war. They say she died of heartbreak over the fret of Bartholomew being gone for so long. Gibbles could never find her grave though. 

The ghost came up from the ground in what Gibbles thought was an empty plot. There where no markers nearby and it was no where near where the actual grave marker of Sir Bartholomew Abernathy was. It was a rather large ghost with a large army uniform on and a hat that hid the face so well. Gibbles couldn’t believe his eyes, even through the hidden cover of clothing, this looked almost nothing like the picture of the great lion. He scurried up to the ghost and followed it into town. It seemed to be searching. 

Gibbles called out to the ghost, calling it every name and nickname in the books of Sir Bartholomew Abernathy. It finally dawned on him. He called out for Beatrice Abernathy. The mysterious ghost turned around and headed straight for Gibbles. It was in this moment he had wished the super heroes that he left behind were here, he was unprepared for the scare he was about to receive. The ghost’s hat flew back, and it was revealed that it was infact the feline love of Sir Bartholomew Abernathy. Gibbles big teeth began to chatter as he said “follow me, miss.”

He led the ghost of Beatrice Abernathy to that of her lion love and she laid down peacefully next to him and was absorbed into the ground.

It took a few more weeks of the ghost haunting the local people and another night of staking out for Gibbles to finally convince the cemetery groundskeeper that it was infact Beatrice and that her grave needed to be moved next to her husband. No one wanted to believe the lowly sidekick until Humanman the hero bat finally told everyone to give Gibbles the chance he deserved. He was the only hero that respected everything Gibbles did for him. Of course in the end everyone only remembered that it was only Humanman the hero bat that saved the town from Sir Bartholomew Abernathy. But Gibbles knew the real truth and wrote that down in his scrapbook. Someday he’d get his respect but after being so frightened that first night he thought he was better off just doing the grunt work.


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