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Blog November Thirteen

Good evening fellow blogger. Or reader, or follower, or random person who used a google search and somehow ended up here.

We’re in the middle of NaNoWriMo and I know I mostly prepared you all for me writing everyday with doing Inktober prompts as writing prompts. That was fun, and honestly I’ve had more motivation filling those all in since I lagged behind a bit. My Novel this year is centered around a girl who is among infected people. It’s zombie-esque. But that’s about all I know. I’m on November 13th and I haven’t gotten much of anywhere with it. Some things have held me back, just like they do every year. Writers block being one of them. I can’t seem to think of the main disease killing everyone around my protagonist. And I mean, HELLO! That’s a huge plot point! I haven’t watched too many Zombie movies to really pick out the good and the bad. I’ve had this novel in mind since May and have come up with nothing good. I’ve also been busy. My work just took me off overtime so I’ll finally have a few extra hours in my day to hopefully write more. Another thing keeping me from even sitting down was that I didn’t have a name for my protagonist yet. How can you write a story without a thing as important as a name!! Anyway, tonight I actually had time to search the babyname sites and I think I’ve settled on a decent name.

Anyway, I know I’m really far behind, but I’m not quitting this year like I have in the past. I have 18 whole days to catch up. And hey, maybe I’ll only get to 20000, or maybe even 40000. But that’s way more than I have now, and I’ll be okay with that. Shoot for the Moon and you’ll land amongst the stars!
(which is dumb. the stars are farther away, and if you don’t make it to the moon, you’ll be sucked back into Earth’s gravitational pull)

NaNoWriMo Count: 1529