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The ghost town of Tiwappity was unusual to say the least. No one in surrounding towns quite understands just what happened first, the desertion of the human population or the overwhelming take over by adorable weasels.

Adorable by appearance that is. Several towns folk from the neighboring town of Allendale have attempted entering the weasels lined streets only to be ran out. One man swore he was tied up and carried out, he of course had no proof. Teenagers took challenge by sleeping in the woods near town, waking up to their food supply stolen and tiny weasel footprints in the mud.

Even the folk who lived in the town, now in their 90s, can not explain the strange phenomenon. Interviewers from all over bugged these people so much they all moved in to a home together heavily guarded by FBI agents.

Lots of speculation went around but nothing was proven. Even the natural predators like owls and foxes stayed clear of Tiwappity. Scientists could never figure it out.

The State highway even stoped maintaining the roads leading to Tiwappity.


Alarm Clock

This is not what she wanted. It is two hours past regular feeding time. She would rather be scarfing down the pea sized kibble. But instead she is entrapped by my arms.

She doesn’t struggle, perhaps she knows that I need this. The simple comfort of holding my cat on a lazy Sunday morning. A love that is pure.

A faint meow. “No kitty, just a moment longer.” She settles back down and rests her paw on the crease of my elbow that has her locked, ever so gently.

On her mind is breakfast. On mine, it is the impending doom of the diagnosis. The reality that life will happen in ways we can never expect. I must soon get out of this bed and face the day with a brave face.

A meow, a little louder than the first. “Okay, kitty. Let’s bring on our morning.”