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Blog November Thirteen

Good evening fellow blogger. Or reader, or follower, or random person who used a google search and somehow ended up here.

We’re in the middle of NaNoWriMo and I know I mostly prepared you all for me writing everyday with doing Inktober prompts as writing prompts. That was fun, and honestly I’ve had more motivation filling those all in since I lagged behind a bit. My Novel this year is centered around a girl who is among infected people. It’s zombie-esque. But that’s about all I know. I’m on November 13th and I haven’t gotten much of anywhere with it. Some things have held me back, just like they do every year. Writers block being one of them. I can’t seem to think of the main disease killing everyone around my protagonist. And I mean, HELLO! That’s a huge plot point! I haven’t watched too many Zombie movies to really pick out the good and the bad. I’ve had this novel in mind since May and have come up with nothing good. I’ve also been busy. My work just took me off overtime so I’ll finally have a few extra hours in my day to hopefully write more. Another thing keeping me from even sitting down was that I didn’t have a name for my protagonist yet. How can you write a story without a thing as important as a name!! Anyway, tonight I actually had time to search the babyname sites and I think I’ve settled on a decent name.

Anyway, I know I’m really far behind, but I’m not quitting this year like I have in the past. I have 18 whole days to catch up. And hey, maybe I’ll only get to 20000, or maybe even 40000. But that’s way more than I have now, and I’ll be okay with that. Shoot for the Moon and you’ll land amongst the stars!
(which is dumb. the stars are farther away, and if you don’t make it to the moon, you’ll be sucked back into Earth’s gravitational pull)

NaNoWriMo Count: 1529

Inktober: Swift

Good October morning to all of you! Today starts the first day of inktober. And I know you’re thinking, “But Nelly, you write! Inktober is for artists!” Well I’m bending the rules a little. I’m gearing myself up for NaNoWriMo by using the prompts for this month’s endeavor to write short snippets of stories. My goal is to actually finish NaNoWriMo this year and want to get into the habit of writing every day. Below you will find my first entry. I’m going to be collaborating with actual artists over the course of this month, and showcasing their inktober entries. Sometimes their drawings will coincide with my stories, sometimes they won’t. So in case you feel inspired, here’s the prompt list, and be sure to keep reading for my first entry.

The bay window was a safe space. A bench with comfy pillows lay under the window, a perfect spot to daydream. It was Emily’s favorite place in the world.

Today, the sky was a natural blue. The sun shines through wispy clouds, and the trees are vibrant with green, yellow, and orange. Emily overheard her mother say “A great turnout, beautiful day for the funeral.” 

Emily sat on the bench and stared out the bay window. She agreed that it was a beautiful day. She thought of her father, a strong man capable of molding wood into any shape. The bench she sat on was proof of his handiness. 

Suddenly, a barn swallow appeared in the window. It looked at Emily and nodded it’s gorgeously blue crested head. The bird disappeared as swiftly as it had came. Emily thought back to her father, maybe this swallow was a sign from him. She smiled, wondering if her father would have been happy as a bird.

Blog September NineteenĀ 

A few weeks ago I made a blog post that simply stated my computer died and anything I wrote from here on out would be short until I got it fixed. 

I recently had the opportunity to get my laptop looked at by the only professional that I trust with something monumentally important to me. 

Not only do I have all my stories on there, but I have all my essays from college, countless pictures, a working novel, music… I was heartbroken when I couldn’t get the darn thing to even show the smallest sign of life. So much so, I couldn’t even talk about it, hense the short blurb before. 

So I had my brother look at the poor thing. Whatever seems to be the issue is “out of his wheelhouse.” Which is saying a lot to me because he’s always been a miracle worker with computer issues in the past. He was, however, able to retrieve my files. So here sits my life’s work on a borrowed external hard drive the size of my hand. 

What’s this mean now? I’ll be on the hunt for a new device and my own external hard drive. 

Talk about life experiences and learning not to take something for granted. I know that from now on I’ll be taking extra care to back up my files. I’m urging you to do the same. Go save your life, dear readers. Go now.

You back? Did you back up your documents? Good. 

I’m going to start looking into tablets, my first interest would be the Surface. Just from the short research I’ve done it seems like it would be good for writing on the go. I eventually plan on building a desktop, something that will allow me to do my work and have some fun with video games like my Sims. Until then, something small would do just fine. I’m not going to downright ask for donations but if you’d like to donate to my writing cause I’m sure we could work something out.

In other news. 

I’ve gotten this overwhelming feeling that I need to be writing. But there’s two horrible things about that. 1. I have nothing coming to mind. Total writer’s block. 2. The urge always happens when I’m at work and have no means of stoping what I’m doing to write. I need to get a little notebook and jot down small musings when I can. As for the creativity, well maybe I’m just not being stimulated enough lately. 

Blog September Third

I submitted another story to The Drabble. It’s a neat site. The requirement is all submitions need to be 100 words or less. Click this fancy link here and check my story out there. Also read some other stories and poems by other authors.

I have also included my story below.
You Didn’t Keep Me Close.

You figured me out, but you didn’t keep me close.

My quirks, my wants, my wishes. All the appropriate high fives and “want to get some tacos?” to the moments of grandeur gestures. 

And you found the door with all the secrets but you didn’t want to step inside. 

Or maybe I kept it locked? Knowing that some day you would leave, like they always do. 

So now that part of me will still float in your head, the ‘what ifs’ and ‘could haves’ and ‘well, maybes’ will linger.

And then there’s me. Stuck here, wondering the same things too.

Blog August Twelve

I have the weekend to myself. Parents are visiting my brother two states away and I’ve volunteered to watch the dogs. I might have made a mistake in that point though, while tidying the house I left a trash bag upon the kitchen floor. Hopefully the mess isn’t too bad when I get home. They’ll still get a treat though, after all it was my fault.

The reason I left, to get some cleaning supplies. Well. The first stop anyway, was for a plant. You see, I second handedly killed a special house plant of my mother’s. I tried to revive the poor thing with new soil and water and love, but I believe it was too late. Now the pot sits dirt full in the living room, it’s only use now is the primary reason the poor plant died in the first place, my cat. So I bought a new plant, an African Violet. I know Mom had one some time ago but she never got it to bloom. I’ll take really good care of this one and make sure that darn cat stays clear.

Second stop was Super Target, for the cleaning supplies. That was uneventful.

Then I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Part of an earlier blog days ago where I said I was going to start doing things for myself and be somebody. I decided that I’d take a little artsy hop along downtown Davenport, IA. Crafted Quad Cities was a cute little working studio shop that hosted a wide variety of handmade items from local artists. What caught my eye was a t-shirt, I love t-shirts and have a ton, which said “Quad Cities Where Iowa and Illinois Spoon”. I had to have that. I should look into their classes and see what they have to offer 

I also stopped at the Bucktown Center for the Arts. Another dusty old building housing real art work from real vendors around these parts. I really came here for one particular artist, the girl friend of a co-worker who does pottery. She had a small selection here and there is one thing I’d love to have so I’ll have to go to one of her shows to get it. 

Next up, one of the most prized possessions of the Quad Cities, The Figge. It’s free entry all summer long. Right now I’m sitting in a gallery as I write this all out on my phone because there’s one particular painting in the say, three rooms I’ve been in so far that caught my eye. My father doesn’t like art. He doesn’t understand how anyone could paint something and it be worth so much. “Looks like Picasso just didn’t know how to draw a face, I wouldn’t buy it.” I get what he’s saying of course, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. Maybe he just hasn’t found his beauty yet. I know he himself is a wonderful artist and creates all kinds of things. He had a mural on our dining room wall of something he saw on an old record. It stayed there for nearly 40 years until we had to tear that wall down. But he was able to recreate what he saw and it was beautiful in it’s old cracked way.

But back to the painting I saw. It’s a landscape of wide open space. And what really drew me in was how the artist was able to create such detail in the background. What looked like farm houses and trees from a distance, were merely dots when looking closer. Dots. I’m just awestruck. So simple, but damn. It’s interesting how the little things are the things that speak to me. 

Now maybe I do have a lot of my dad in me, the next exhibit I walked through was a photographer’s journey down the Mississippi. The stops she made a long the way and the people she met. And sure, they’re cool pictures but I’m not sure how that makes it art. Moving along. There’s many floors to this museum and not much else jumped out to me. Though I did have a lot of fun in the Corn Maize. Which was a lot of plastic bottles in the form of corn stalks arranged in an actual maze. It was easy to navigate, but I’m sure a three year old would have some difficulty.

From here on I just walked around the downtown area. I’ve decided that Davenport is a great place to be a people. Theres plenty to do, beautiful sights (when it’s not flooded of course), and it’s definitely got that midwest courtesy. Reminds me that I need to get out and enjoy what’s in front of me a lot more. I highly recommend being a tourist in your own town.

Now it’s time to go back home and see what kind of mess my dogs got into. 

Bonus: Something my dad definitely wouldn’t get in the least. 

Blog August Eleven

My laptop died. So. Any stories from here til I get it fixed or replaced are going to be short and written with my phone. 

Blog August Six.

So. Things happen in real life and I think I decided at one point and didn’t tell anyone that my “blog” posts weren’t going to be like diary entries telling you about every detail of my life. And it seems the majority of them have been that way in explaining why I haven’t written. Excuses is what they are.

Here’s some more excuses.

I quit my job at the bakery. Moved back in with my parents. Didn’t have a job for months and didn’t feel like writing much. Met a great guy. Didn’t write much because of the distance I had to travel to see him. Got a job at a factory. Work extensive hours and don’t feel like doing a damn thing when I get home. So much so in fact that instead of reading or watching anything or writing or anything else that I liked to do I scrolled through pointless Facebook. Stuck in this everlasting loop of “when I start my career someday I’ll do all the things I love.” That cost me my relationship I think. Well there was more to it then that. But that great guy is just a number in my phone now. And that job is still a time sucking hole. I don’t want to write at home for all the distractions and coffee shops in my town are open for what seems like only during the hours that I work. Exaggerating, but still. 

No more excuses. 

Well except maybe the writer’s block excuse, because let’s face it we all have those. I did pop some stories up a couple weeks ago. One or two that I really enjoyed doing and a few that felt like work. Today even I got a prompt idea from a friend and got some words in before my computer died at a coffee shop with outlets that didn’t work. That story I wasn’t excited about anyway and those are always hard to finish. 

Someday I’m gonna be somebody. And this is me saying no more excuses. Just do it.