Inktober: Juicy

Day 23.

A man sat at a desk in an old abandoned wearhouse. Dust covered the room except the desk and two chairs in front. He was in a pinstripe suit, perfectly tailored, and black crocodile skin shoes. He had a mean look about him, as if he was just always in a cranky mood.

Another man walked in the door way carrying a tray with wine glasses, silverware and fine China. On the plate was what appeared to be a steak. “Here you are sir.” He sat the tray down in front of the finely dressed man and took a seat in the chair infro of the desk.

“Who did you get?” The man cut into his steak, juices flowed onto the plate.


The man looked at the empty chair. “So it was him who betrayed me?”

The other man cowered. “Yes, sir.”

He chewed on the steak. “Mmmmm, Juicy.”


Inktober: Trail

Day 22. Whoop-de-do!

A group of campers and their trusty counselor were on a hike in the woods behind the lake. The counselor, Amy, had known this trail for many years. Not only was she a counselor for five years, but she had also attended the camp as a child herself. The campers were earning their nature badge and were determined to find all of the colors on their color wheel in nature.

Amy let them lead this time, being sure to corral them if some of them strayed too far. They had checked off all the colors on their wheel by lunchtime except one, blue. Amy said the campers couldn’t use the sky for this, they needed to find a plant or a bug. They were determined to find it before they got out their sack lunches. Children were everywhere, along the trial looking for flowers, in the thick bushes looking for bugs, that’s when Amy heard a scream.

It was coming from behind them, but it didn’t sound like anyone from her group. She called for all the campers to huddle around her on the dirt path. There was a scream again, this time it sounded closer. A gust of wind seemed to come from nowhere and the children got cold. Amy decided to keep walking along the trail since she knew it led back to the main camp cabin. She told her group that they could find their something blue another day, that they would just eat their lunch in the mess hall. The screams became more frequent and the children became scared. They began to jog up the trail staying as close as they could to one another. 

That’s when one of the children saw it. A great big blue furry creature running up the trail behind them. It was raining on them and they continued to run. Amy made sure they got into the mess hall before turning back to contront the big blue furry monster. 

She yelled at it at the top of her lungs for it to stop following but once it got closer it stopped. Amy was terrified and the children all looked out the window.

The furry thing lifted off it’s mask. It was the park ranger, face as red as could be with a big smile on his face. He chuckled, “Heard you were on a color hike and needed something blue.”

Inktober: Furious

Woo woo, day 21 of doing Inktober’s prompts for preparation of NaNoWriMo. There’s only 9 days left, can I make it?

Nathan paced the front porch. His shot gun waiting near the rocking chair. Emily stayed inside to do the dishes, she knew better than to mess with her husband when he was furious.

He saw head lights coming down the long drive way and decided it would be best if he were sitting. Once in the rocking chair he grabbed his moonshine and took a sip. 

“Hey papa, sorry we’re late.” A teenaged boy stepped out of the passenger side of a Toyota Land Cruiser.

“I told you ten, young man,” Nathan stayed sitting in his rocking chair.’

“I know papa, but…”

“No butts, get in the house boy.” Nathan sat up and grazed his shot gun with the side of this hand. “As for you young man, sit up here with me for a bit.”

Nathan’s son disappeared into the house as his date sat in the empty rocking chair.

“Young man, what are your intentions with my son?” Nathan stared the boy down.

“I just want to make him happy, sir.”

“How do you intend to do that?”

“Well, I was thinking of asking for his hand, sir.”

“Oh. Well hot damn, that means I get a son-in-law.” Nathan pulled out his shot gun up, and shot it into the night air.

Inktober: Deep

Day 20! 

I was on my way to work one day when the tram was packed with people. There must have been some convention or something at the event center, the people were oddly dressed. 

That’s alright though, I still had time to catch a cab. The driver was a little reckless and reminded me why I still took the tram every day, but I made it to work just on time. 

I was set with a task that day, I remember it well. I had to go down into the archives to retrieve a customer’s records. The great grand child of the customer had shown up looking for some family history, and provided all the necessary documents to retrieve the deceased man’s belongings.

I was in the basement when I bumped into a young lady I had never seen before. I assumed she worked in the building as this was a restricted area requiring a passcode. She had the deepest blue eyes a man could ask for. I wanted to strike up a conversation, but I was at a loss for words. She quietly gathered the documents that she needed as I quietly gathered the documents that I needed. 

To this day I still remember those eyes. Blue, like the ocean after a storm. Like the sky on a nice summers day. I wish I had had the courage, but all is lost now.

Inktober: Cloud

Day 19! 

If I was a bird I’d fly all around the place and I’d visit places you can’t get to or places you need a passport. Though I don’t think birds really know anything about passports. I couldn’t even get a passport now, I wouldn’t have any time to go anywhere. I sit at this desk and stare at reports and correct errors and Jose brings me lunch, honestly I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun. That’s what I’d do. If I was a bird I’d go to a tall tree and bathe in the sun’s rays. I’d probably have to go to Brazil or something, get the really nice sun. The sun that makes your skin dark and warm. Maybe I won’t order food from the Chinese place today and just go to the food truck but then there will be a pile on my desk when I come back. No. I’ll just be a bird. I’ll go find out what it’s like to fly through the clouds.

Inktober: Filthy

Woo day 18!

A child no less than the age of six showed up on Mrs. Larsen’s front door. It couldn’t speak and was as filthy as a pig after a mud bath. She tried what sign language she knew, but still couldn’t communicate with the child. 

She ushered the child into her home and offered it a cookie. It happily ate the cookie with good manners but sat and starred at the hospitipal lady. 

“Do you want more to eat? How about a bath?” Mrs. Larsen said. The child perked it’s head. “Alright, that’s just what we’ll do.”

“So you’re a girl, look at those curls hiding under all that dirt!” Mrs. Larsen had finished bathing the child and was looking for something suitable for her to wear. She had a lot of clothing, as if she once had her own children. “How about this?”

She held up a lace trimmed ruffle bright pink dress. By any normal child’s standards they would think it ugly but the little girl had no choice. Mrs. Larsen dressed the girl and sent her off to play in the garden until she made arrangements for adoption. 

A few hours later, the little girl came back from the garden just as dirty and filthy as she appeared that morning. Mrs. Larsen cleaned the girl again and found a pair of pajamas to put her in. 

During the night, the little girl snuck into the garden again. When Mrs. Larsen awoke, she noticed the trail of dirt leading to the child’s bedroom. The little girl fast asleep, just as filthy as yesterday. 

So Mrs. Larsen decided to see what was so important in the garden that the little girl had to dig up. And that’s when she saw it.

A dog’s skeleton being held by a child sized skeleton. And that’s when Mrs. Larsen realized, it was her own dead daughter.

Inktober: Graceful

Day 17 woo! Honestly this month has gone by quickly. Crazy how that works.

A ballerina, tall and graceful, stands on pointe in the corner of her studio. The stained wood floor has seen years of dancers but is kept smooth. Ballance bars and giant mirrors encircle the room. 

Although she retired years ago, she puts on her tutu for once last rehearsal of her favorite dance to her favorite Bach tune. She takes a step to pirouette but falls.

Determined, she gets up again and perfects her pose looking at her reflection. Again she attempts her pirouette but falls. She tries over and over. A bruise has formed on her hip, but she persists. 

She stands again this time closer to the mirror, looks deep into her eyes as if a coach would look at his players for a peptalk at halftime. As she turns to pirouette again, something within her clicks. This time she does not fall. But she keeps the spin going. Spinning all over the room. Over and over perfect pirouettes. 

But she can not stop. She keeps the pirouette going for an hour until she collapes. A happy ballerina, tall and graceful, without breath laying on the studio floor.