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“Hey Mom, let’s go check out downstairs.” I stood at the end of a glass hutch filled with Victorian style China. I was anxious. As much as I enjoyed touring these historic homes, it was getting late and we had been on our feet all day exploring this old New England town. 

“I thought the receptionist said that area was forbidden.” My mother said as she was peering into the hutch. “Wow, would you look at those designs! Looks hand painted!”

I pointed to the stairwell. “It’s not roped off or anything. We have like twenty minutes left, we can make it quick.” I could tell by the look in my father’s eye that he was intrigued. The chance to see something the general public doesn’t normally see excited him. Every house we had been to on our vacation this year he had always asked the tour guide about hidden places, and every time so far he had been shot down.

My brother popped his head in from the kitchen, “Let’s go!”

The four of us made our way down the crickety stairs, it smelled like wet clay. “This place isn’t haunted right?”

“There’s nothing in the information packet.” My father said. 

From the bottom of the stairs it looked like the historical society had just been using the basement as a storage area. There were boxes piled high of different pamphlets from different attractions and a few boxes of uniforms. The four of us were crowded in the tight space.

My brother picked up a pamphlet, my mother began searching for any hidden doors. “There’s got to be more down here.”

When I realized I had to use the bathroom, I said to my family I would be right back. This was one of those old fashioned homes that had an outhouse instead of indoor plumbing. So I made my way up the creepy stairs as I heard my mother getting excited about finding a hidden door.

Once I had done my business I made my way back towards the house. I got to the entryway but the door was shut, I juggled the handle but it was locked. Looking at my watch I discovered that it was past closing time, I didn’t think we had been exploring the basement that long. I sat on the porch steps and waited a while for my family. 

After a few minutes I got up and looked into the windows. It was now dark inside the house and the people who worked there had already gone home. I thought out loud to myself “We weren’t down there that long!”

I made my way around the house checking all the windows and searching for any signs of my parents. I got to the back and saw my brother with a popsicle in hand sitting on the railing of the back  porch. “Hey, where is everyone?”

“It’s about time you found us!” He said, smiling.

“Where is mom and dad?” I panicked and looked all around. Cars where gone and something seemed off about my brother.

“Oh, they’re still inside. They decided to stay.”

“Stay? What do you mean?”

“Well come on, I’ll show you.” My brother dropped his popsicle and jumped down from the railing. I walked up the porch steps and watched him disappear into the back door. He didn’t open the door, just walked right through it.

“Hey! How did you do that!”

He stuck just his head out of the door. “What do you mean?”

“You’re just a floating head on a closed door. What’s going on?”

“We died, we can do anything.”


He stepped all the way out now and I could see how pale he was. I tried to touch his arm, but mine went right through. 

“Yeah, you left the basement and mom opened the hidden door. A man who looked like a rip off Freddy Kruger jumped out and slashed all of our throats with a machete. All died instantly. Mom and dad decided to stay in the house.”


“So come on, I’ll show you.”

He disappeared into the door again, and I tried to follow but ran face first into the door. “Hey! I didn’t work!”

My brother didn’t come back. I waited and waited. I looked into the window again and could see no signs of him. If we really were dead, maybe he could only be in or out of the house. I began to pinch and slap myself. I didn’t think that I had died as well, but I couldn’t really remember much after leaving for the outhouse. That’s when it hit me, I ran to where the outhouse was. 

That’s when I saw my lifeless body, blood spilled out from my neck. It looked like I hadn’t even made it inside to the toilet yet. I looked all around, and couldn’t find any signs of life. All the cars had gone except ours. I went to our little mini van and tried to open the doors with no luck. Dad must still have the keys and he’s stuck in the house. 

I sat down on the gravel driveway and cried. How long will I be stuck out here, alone?


Among the Infected

One hundred people filed into the long hallway. I looked around me and most of them were men, working men of all ages. There were a few older women, even fewer children. But none were my age. 

We packed in like sardines and a loud buzzer went off. A cloud of smoke filled the room and they all began to cough, I tried holding my breath and covering my mouth, but the smoke entered my lungs anyway. A couple men dropped to the floor immediately, they must have been infected. Another buzzer went off and we were led down another hallway.

We reached a waiting room, much that of an old hospital emergency room. In fact, that must have been what this building was, years ago. Everyone slammed against the the open window, where three women were at computer screens. They instructed us to tell them our symptoms, their computers would recognize our voice and record for our files.  Another man dropped to the floor while a few of them developed a rash on their necks. Most of the children cried.

After all the pushing and shoving I finally made it to the window. I had to tell the truth, I needed to get out of here. “I feel fine. No symptoms.”

The lady looked at me over the glasses on her nose. “That’s impossible, sweetie. Come back in a few minutes and let me know how you feel then.”