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Flash Fiction Signs

I saw you tonight in the club for the first time in years. Our past melted away as we danced and I remembered all the happy moments.
On the drive home, our song played on the radio. I hadn’t heard it since long ago. That’s when I remembered all the bad moments.


Blog June Sixteen

I am a boiling pot of rage.

Or sadness?

Or maybe I’m not. Maybe life goes the way it goes because that’s how it’s meant to be. Things will play out they way they do and I just have to learn from my mistakes, and take what I am given and turn it into what I want. With in limits of course. (like when you want someone to love you but they just aren’t sure. you can’t make them, but it still makes you sad)

There’s this whole other issue I have with life. You need experience to get experience and you need experience to get a job. I haven’t applied to many jobs, probably not as many as I should have. In the time I’ve been actively looking for a job to better myself, say 10 jobs… I’ve had two interviews. Both of them (and countless reply emails with no interest in interviews) have come back with “We have chosen someone who has more experience in the field than you.” Well that’s just crap. Utter crap. My next plan of action? I just filled out an application to go to culinary school. Not a fancy one, but one I could reasonably afford and will still get me the skills I need. I’m currently watching Chopped on the Food Network and I have no idea how they make any of this stuff spot on, but I want to learn. Since my English degree hasn’t really gotten me anywhere, maybe I can go on to my other dream of being a Chef. Like a personal one for rich people, or have my own restaurant, or be a celebrity chef.

Maybe I’ll turn that experience into a book. Or maybe I’ll finish my other book. Or maybe I’ll finish that simple story I promised in the last blog. But haha, that actually wasn’t that simple because I have no idea how to end it.

I feel stuck, wordpress friends. So many dreams, so little ways of obtaining them.

Blog August One

In my entire life I can only remember being disliked twice. I don’t really care, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The first, was understandable. The second…well, we’ll get to that in a moment.

So the first time was in High School, well over 7 years ago. I was the lighting manager for our school’s theatre program. It was in January during our showcase of ten minute plays. My job was to fade in and out the lights for the plays, which I believe were about 5-6 of them (Hey, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember exactly anymore). At the time, I was dating my first ever boyfriend. He was backstage with me… and well it was dumb I know because I was in High School and had an important job. We hadn’t even had our first kiss at that point yet. We were just sitting back stage talking quietly with another friend of mine. Usually I was very good about switching the lights at the right moment, but because I was a silly High Schooler with my first boyfriend, I was a few seconds late on one of the blackouts. It was during a short play with mostly senior actors and the ending depended on the black out for dramatic effect. I knew I was wrong and I got in trouble for it by the theatre teacher. But because the seniors in the short play were “serious” about their work I heard from the grapevine one of them called me a “slut.” At the time I barely knew the meaning of the word.. And as I had mentioned, I hadn’t even had my first kiss at that point. That left me thinking “What the hell, Mate?” I make an honest mistake, get called something offensive. The girl who said it didn’t know me very well. I fixed the problem and was really good about it the next show night. I’m sure she’s forgotten about it, and I’m not still mad about it. I’ve learned from the experience.

Now the second time I’ve been told someone was mad/disliked me started my first day of my new job three weeks ago. Now, this job is pretty easy, working at a automotive gauge factory stocking shelves in the shipping department. I get a load of product, scan to see where it belongs, take it to said location. When I don’t have new product to stock, I walk around to see if any cases can be broken down and put on the shelf. Or I straighten out shelves. And since I’ve been really good at putting things away and keeping everything well organized, I’ve even had time to take product off shelves, clean shelf of dust bunnies, put product back on shelf in a very neat manner. I’ve gotten compliments from my boss on how well I’m doing compared to others of the past. Now one of the people who I work with has had a problem with me from day one. I noticed on day two when I walked in and said good morning, she just gave me a blank stare and kept walking. I’ve learned so far that the main reason she doesn’t like me is because I am not like the person who I replaced. My first few days I was learning how to do things. They had even told me that the things that I did wrong was only because they didn’t tell me the right way. Once I learned the ropes, I was still doing things wrong in this person’s eye. I still wasn’t the man who I replaced. It is three weeks since I started and I still get a certain look when I pass by this woman. I’ve since learned that she had somewhat of a crush on the man, and well I am not the man… nor am I a man in general. I’m basically hated for what I see as no reason. You can’t judge a person for the person they are not. That is what she is doing and it bugs the crap out of me. Also, my opinion is that even if you dislike a person for whatever reason, you should still be nice to them. Or am I wrong? I guess it doesn’t matter because she has put in her two week notice and I won’t have to see her anymore.

Well that’s my rant for my blogging side of my blog. What is your opinion? Am I just crazy and does she have a right to hate me?