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Blog August Twelve

I have the weekend to myself. Parents are visiting my brother two states away and I’ve volunteered to watch the dogs. I might have made a mistake in that point though, while tidying the house I left a trash bag upon the kitchen floor. Hopefully the mess isn’t too bad when I get home. They’ll still get a treat though, after all it was my fault.

The reason I left, to get some cleaning supplies. Well. The first stop anyway, was for a plant. You see, I second handedly killed a special house plant of my mother’s. I tried to revive the poor thing with new soil and water and love, but I believe it was too late. Now the pot sits dirt full in the living room, it’s only use now is the primary reason the poor plant died in the first place, my cat. So I bought a new plant, an African Violet. I know Mom had one some time ago but she never got it to bloom. I’ll take really good care of this one and make sure that darn cat stays clear.

Second stop was Super Target, for the cleaning supplies. That was uneventful.

Then I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Part of an earlier blog days ago where I said I was going to start doing things for myself and be somebody. I decided that I’d take a little artsy hop along downtown Davenport, IA. Crafted Quad Cities was a cute little working studio shop that hosted a wide variety of handmade items from local artists. What caught my eye was a t-shirt, I love t-shirts and have a ton, which said “Quad Cities Where Iowa and Illinois Spoon”. I had to have that. I should look into their classes and see what they have to offer 

I also stopped at the Bucktown Center for the Arts. Another dusty old building housing real art work from real vendors around these parts. I really came here for one particular artist, the girl friend of a co-worker who does pottery. She had a small selection here and there is one thing I’d love to have so I’ll have to go to one of her shows to get it. 

Next up, one of the most prized possessions of the Quad Cities, The Figge. It’s free entry all summer long. Right now I’m sitting in a gallery as I write this all out on my phone because there’s one particular painting in the say, three rooms I’ve been in so far that caught my eye. My father doesn’t like art. He doesn’t understand how anyone could paint something and it be worth so much. “Looks like Picasso just didn’t know how to draw a face, I wouldn’t buy it.” I get what he’s saying of course, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. Maybe he just hasn’t found his beauty yet. I know he himself is a wonderful artist and creates all kinds of things. He had a mural on our dining room wall of something he saw on an old record. It stayed there for nearly 40 years until we had to tear that wall down. But he was able to recreate what he saw and it was beautiful in it’s old cracked way.

But back to the painting I saw. It’s a landscape of wide open space. And what really drew me in was how the artist was able to create such detail in the background. What looked like farm houses and trees from a distance, were merely dots when looking closer. Dots. I’m just awestruck. So simple, but damn. It’s interesting how the little things are the things that speak to me. 

Now maybe I do have a lot of my dad in me, the next exhibit I walked through was a photographer’s journey down the Mississippi. The stops she made a long the way and the people she met. And sure, they’re cool pictures but I’m not sure how that makes it art. Moving along. There’s many floors to this museum and not much else jumped out to me. Though I did have a lot of fun in the Corn Maize. Which was a lot of plastic bottles in the form of corn stalks arranged in an actual maze. It was easy to navigate, but I’m sure a three year old would have some difficulty.

From here on I just walked around the downtown area. I’ve decided that Davenport is a great place to be a people. Theres plenty to do, beautiful sights (when it’s not flooded of course), and it’s definitely got that midwest courtesy. Reminds me that I need to get out and enjoy what’s in front of me a lot more. I highly recommend being a tourist in your own town.

Now it’s time to go back home and see what kind of mess my dogs got into. 

Bonus: Something my dad definitely wouldn’t get in the least. 


Blog October Thirtyone

Well, it’s finally here. The hourly countdown to NaNoWriMo. As per my last post, I didn’t have any ideas besides some time traveling dinosaurs. And while that sounds kind of fun….that’s just hard for me to conceptualize a proper plot. Not a huge sciencefiction/supernatural/fantasy writer, if you didn’t notice. Anyway. I’ve had some time to think about it and I also gained some inspiration from my sister-in-law and now my plot has thickened. (Lol word puns) It’s going to be about a time traveling serial killer. Now that I am really thinking about it, I could style after one of my favorite movies and go with a romance story that’s not really romance. (Princess Bride) Which I read the book a few weeks ago, Buttercup is a dick. So a serial killer traveling through time killing people to get to the girl he loves. Not quite vigilant though, I kind of want this to be a bad guy’s story. So he’ll be running a muck because he darn well can.

In other news! It’s Halloween! I’m so excited! This year I’m going as Wednesday Addams and maybe I’ll post some pictures up later. I didn’t really have any plans tonight but I know I wanted to go out or party or something. I have a few options. Hang out with old friends or completely new ones. I was telling someone about my previous dilemma about not knowing what I was doing and since I’m still fairly new to the suburbs, he had some friends in the area hook me up with a party. So that’s exciting.

Speaking of that friend. He’s a very talented artist and you should go check out his work.You can check out his work here! Or buy copies of his work on tshirts and stuff Here!

OOoh! More news, I have an interview for something not writing or baking related and I’m not giving any details but I’m super excited so wish me luck and stuff!

Blog August One

In my entire life I can only remember being disliked twice. I don’t really care, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The first, was understandable. The second…well, we’ll get to that in a moment.

So the first time was in High School, well over 7 years ago. I was the lighting manager for our school’s theatre program. It was in January during our showcase of ten minute plays. My job was to fade in and out the lights for the plays, which I believe were about 5-6 of them (Hey, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember exactly anymore). At the time, I was dating my first ever boyfriend. He was backstage with me… and well it was dumb I know because I was in High School and had an important job. We hadn’t even had our first kiss at that point yet. We were just sitting back stage talking quietly with another friend of mine. Usually I was very good about switching the lights at the right moment, but because I was a silly High Schooler with my first boyfriend, I was a few seconds late on one of the blackouts. It was during a short play with mostly senior actors and the ending depended on the black out for dramatic effect. I knew I was wrong and I got in trouble for it by the theatre teacher. But because the seniors in the short play were “serious” about their work I heard from the grapevine one of them called me a “slut.” At the time I barely knew the meaning of the word.. And as I had mentioned, I hadn’t even had my first kiss at that point. That left me thinking “What the hell, Mate?” I make an honest mistake, get called something offensive. The girl who said it didn’t know me very well. I fixed the problem and was really good about it the next show night. I’m sure she’s forgotten about it, and I’m not still mad about it. I’ve learned from the experience.

Now the second time I’ve been told someone was mad/disliked me started my first day of my new job three weeks ago. Now, this job is pretty easy, working at a automotive gauge factory stocking shelves in the shipping department. I get a load of product, scan to see where it belongs, take it to said location. When I don’t have new product to stock, I walk around to see if any cases can be broken down and put on the shelf. Or I straighten out shelves. And since I’ve been really good at putting things away and keeping everything well organized, I’ve even had time to take product off shelves, clean shelf of dust bunnies, put product back on shelf in a very neat manner. I’ve gotten compliments from my boss on how well I’m doing compared to others of the past. Now one of the people who I work with has had a problem with me from day one. I noticed on day two when I walked in and said good morning, she just gave me a blank stare and kept walking. I’ve learned so far that the main reason she doesn’t like me is because I am not like the person who I replaced. My first few days I was learning how to do things. They had even told me that the things that I did wrong was only because they didn’t tell me the right way. Once I learned the ropes, I was still doing things wrong in this person’s eye. I still wasn’t the man who I replaced. It is three weeks since I started and I still get a certain look when I pass by this woman. I’ve since learned that she had somewhat of a crush on the man, and well I am not the man… nor am I a man in general. I’m basically hated for what I see as no reason. You can’t judge a person for the person they are not. That is what she is doing and it bugs the crap out of me. Also, my opinion is that even if you dislike a person for whatever reason, you should still be nice to them. Or am I wrong? I guess it doesn’t matter because she has put in her two week notice and I won’t have to see her anymore.

Well that’s my rant for my blogging side of my blog. What is your opinion? Am I just crazy and does she have a right to hate me?