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Blog August Six.

So. Things happen in real life and I think I decided at one point and didn’t tell anyone that my “blog” posts weren’t going to be like diary entries telling you about every detail of my life. And it seems the majority of them have been that way in explaining why I haven’t written. Excuses is what they are.

Here’s some more excuses.

I quit my job at the bakery. Moved back in with my parents. Didn’t have a job for months and didn’t feel like writing much. Met a great guy. Didn’t write much because of the distance I had to travel to see him. Got a job at a factory. Work extensive hours and don’t feel like doing a damn thing when I get home. So much so in fact that instead of reading or watching anything or writing or anything else that I liked to do I scrolled through pointless Facebook. Stuck in this everlasting loop of “when I start my career someday I’ll do all the things I love.” That cost me my relationship I think. Well there was more to it then that. But that great guy is just a number in my phone now. And that job is still a time sucking hole. I don’t want to write at home for all the distractions and coffee shops in my town are open for what seems like only during the hours that I work. Exaggerating, but still. 

No more excuses. 

Well except maybe the writer’s block excuse, because let’s face it we all have those. I did pop some stories up a couple weeks ago. One or two that I really enjoyed doing and a few that felt like work. Today even I got a prompt idea from a friend and got some words in before my computer died at a coffee shop with outlets that didn’t work. That story I wasn’t excited about anyway and those are always hard to finish. 

Someday I’m gonna be somebody. And this is me saying no more excuses. Just do it.


Blog April 24 2017

Woah. WordPress has reminded me that I’ve had my blog for 4 years! Happy anniversary to me and to you, dear followers. I know I don’t post much anymore, to be honest I haven’t been doing a whole lot of anything lately. Lets see, last I talked about was NaNoWriMo, of which I got about 5000 words and then life got in the way. And it was another three months before that that I had written anything. Though I have played around a bit on my other blog, still just I don’t know, major writers block I guess. What do you do to cure your writers block? Something else must be goin on because I haven’t been doing much of anything I like lately either.

On the other hand I have had some stories in mind, and have most intentions to get down and write them. One will be paired with artwork and another is a sort of collaboration with a poet friend of mine. Well, maybe not collaboration? We got a prompt and wanted to see where each other will go with it, so when we get that done I’ll share with you all. Oh and there’s one that I did start for Halloween but for some reason had no direction with it.

I have always thought that half of writing is research and I’ve bought a few books over the past few months to get down and read. You know, get some inspiration. I like writing horror/thriller/scary stuff and a friend of mine gave me the Grimm Fairytales, which I’ve read some here and there but not the whole thing. I’ve also written a lot of short stories and got a book that is a collection, so I can see what that’s like if I ever decide to publish. So many ideas float in my head when I’m at work but after working 11 hours a day, I don’t feel like doing anything when I get home.

So tell me about you. How do you keep writing when you don’t have anything to write about? Where do you get your inspirations? What would you like to see from me in the future?

Blog October Thirtyone

Well, it’s finally here. The hourly countdown to NaNoWriMo. As per my last post, I didn’t have any ideas besides some time traveling dinosaurs. And while that sounds kind of fun….that’s just hard for me to conceptualize a proper plot. Not a huge sciencefiction/supernatural/fantasy writer, if you didn’t notice. Anyway. I’ve had some time to think about it and I also gained some inspiration from my sister-in-law and now my plot has thickened. (Lol word puns) It’s going to be about a time traveling serial killer. Now that I am really thinking about it, I could style after one of my favorite movies and go with a romance story that’s not really romance. (Princess Bride) Which I read the book a few weeks ago, Buttercup is a dick. So a serial killer traveling through time killing people to get to the girl he loves. Not quite vigilant though, I kind of want this to be a bad guy’s story. So he’ll be running a muck because he darn well can.

In other news! It’s Halloween! I’m so excited! This year I’m going as Wednesday Addams and maybe I’ll post some pictures up later. I didn’t really have any plans tonight but I know I wanted to go out or party or something. I have a few options. Hang out with old friends or completely new ones. I was telling someone about my previous dilemma about not knowing what I was doing and since I’m still fairly new to the suburbs, he had some friends in the area hook me up with a party. So that’s exciting.

Speaking of that friend. He’s a very talented artist and you should go check out his work.You can check out his work here! Or buy copies of his work on tshirts and stuff Here!

OOoh! More news, I have an interview for something not writing or baking related and I’m not giving any details but I’m super excited so wish me luck and stuff!

Blog October Sixteen

AHHHHHH! NaNoWriMo is only SIXTEEN days away!!!

I have no good story ideas this year. Well not enough for novel size anyway. I have some short stories cooking up. And a request…or somewhat requested… a scary/gory story with no happy ending. Hopefully I can crank something like that out by Halloween. A couple weeks ago I was sitting with my uncles and aunt and we were talking about how Christmas season has already hit store shelves and how that’s just crazy. They just kind of graze over Halloween and Thanksgiving like those aren’t good holidays too. (Personally Thanksgiving is my favorite, but its also near my birthday so I might be biased) But the whole point of our conversation is that they’re all lumped together and someone should write a story like that. So that’s my next children’s type story, but for like adults. (Like the one book Go the F**k to Sleep) It’ll be centered around Urban the Undead Reindeer and the search for his missing nose with the help of Jack-O-Clause. It’ll be my big break someday I’m sure. I have friends who draw good, collaboration or something! Yay!

As for NaNo, I had originally planned to just continue on with my novel from last year since I only got 15000 words. But I feel like that’s just not fun. I do need to finish that one. I’ve asked friends and the only real suggestion so far is time travel. One suggestion being a group of dinosaurs sent to current time period, who think humans are crazy so they try to go back and make it so the dinosaurs survive. That’ll be fun I think, but would require some research. Most of my stories are romantic in nature so maybe I could throw in a Human/Dino love thing…or is that too Romeo and Juliet?

What about you blog-o-sphere…do you have any suggestions for me? Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year and have a great novel idea cooked up?

Oh. And I’ve just been posting stories lately, haven’t blogged in a while. Oh jeeeze.. Last actual blog was about the breakup. Well a lot has happened since then. Moved in with my aunt in the suburbs, and got a job at a bakery! Which, truth be told isn’t quite what I had hoped. The people are fun and all and I get to eat mistakes and cookie dough is delicious but I really think my forte is writing. I’ve been looking into potential jobs and I’ll need to put together a portfolio or something. Idk. It’s hard to be optimistic right now, but for some reason putting this all down in words makes me think I can do this. I can find something worth doing. I can be happy. I mean, I’m only nearly 26 25, I have the whole world ahead of me yet.

Blog June Sixteen

I am a boiling pot of rage.

Or sadness?

Or maybe I’m not. Maybe life goes the way it goes because that’s how it’s meant to be. Things will play out they way they do and I just have to learn from my mistakes, and take what I am given and turn it into what I want. With in limits of course. (like when you want someone to love you but they just aren’t sure. you can’t make them, but it still makes you sad)

There’s this whole other issue I have with life. You need experience to get experience and you need experience to get a job. I haven’t applied to many jobs, probably not as many as I should have. In the time I’ve been actively looking for a job to better myself, say 10 jobs… I’ve had two interviews. Both of them (and countless reply emails with no interest in interviews) have come back with “We have chosen someone who has more experience in the field than you.” Well that’s just crap. Utter crap. My next plan of action? I just filled out an application to go to culinary school. Not a fancy one, but one I could reasonably afford and will still get me the skills I need. I’m currently watching Chopped on the Food Network and I have no idea how they make any of this stuff spot on, but I want to learn. Since my English degree hasn’t really gotten me anywhere, maybe I can go on to my other dream of being a Chef. Like a personal one for rich people, or have my own restaurant, or be a celebrity chef.

Maybe I’ll turn that experience into a book. Or maybe I’ll finish my other book. Or maybe I’ll finish that simple story I promised in the last blog. But haha, that actually wasn’t that simple because I have no idea how to end it.

I feel stuck, wordpress friends. So many dreams, so little ways of obtaining them.

Blog February Seventeen

I’m going to look back at my resolutions and update you on how I’m doing since it’s almost two months since the new year!

1. I said I wanted to loose weight. A year ago I had lost 20 pounds but somehow over the course of the year with holidays I gained 15 of it back. Well good news! I’ve dropped back to the 20 pounds. I’m kind of stuck in limbo though because I’ve hit my struggling point. I want to loose another 10 pounds and I know I’ll need help with exercise but it’s 14 degrees F and going out side sounds awful and gyms are an expense I am not willing to pay at the moment.

2. Haven’t been doing to well with writing. Although I do have some short stories started! Last weekend at my writers group I got an idea for a story and I began to write it. Got to about 1000 words and was not nearly finished with it, hadn’t even gotten to the best parts. Maybe that’ll be a novel too. I think about writing often but it’s usually when I’m at work and can’t do anything about it.

3. Well I had a job interview a week ago for an Office Assistant at an Elementary school. Not quite English major job-ish, but would potentially lead to more opportunities but guess what!? They called me back about two days after the interview and said “We’ve gone with someone with a little more experience.” Yeah? Telling me I don’t have experience? I know. That’s why I applied to a base level job. At an Elementary school.

So anyway, some other things since I haven’t been posting. There was about three weeks ago that I decided to go visit my parents during the weekend of a big snow storm. I left their house in the thick of a wet soggy rain/snow. Roads weren’t great and I sort of just drove where I thought the road was. Yay I made it home! Well, on the way to Walmart to pick up some groceries I stopped by the bar that my boyfriend was playing pool, couldn’t find a parking spot so decided to just head to Walmart, but couldn’t leave the parking lot due to a freaking flat tire! And to top that off, my car had lug nut locks with no key! It didn’t come with a jack either. Sunday I got the car fixed and on Monday I called the dealer to bitch them out for not including the proper tools for my car. Longer story short- They couldn’t do anything about it but give me $50 bucks. It was frustrating to say the least.

My writers group has decided to create a book club to be discussed at our meetings. I’m excited about it because the first book is something I would have never chosen to read myself. That will help my reading greatly for learning about new genres. I’m also working on the novel my sister in law wrote, an erotic novel. It’s weird because I can tell so much of her personality was put into the characters and its a little raunchy. Something I wouldn’t normally read, mixed with family. It’s good so far though, maybe down the line I’ll write a book review.

Time for bed me thinks. I have a flash fiction idea to write, I’ll try to post it by the end of the week.

Blog October First

So today is the day that the resume/cover letter is due for the job I really really want. I officially sent it in at 11:57PM on September 30th. That’s probably not the greatest time to send it in, but at least it could be one of the first thing the hiring manager looks at in the morning. I should really have sent it in days ago, probably the night I found out about it. But I needed time to think of what I wanted to say, what works to send in with it. Also, life happened and I got busy. The end of the month is crazy at work, I usually get about 2-3 hours of over time. So I didn’t get off work at a normal time, and when I got home I just wanted to veg. Also, when I was vegging, I worked myself up into a “Do I really want to apply for this position? Would I even get it?” So I had to talk myself back into it. But I sent it in and we’ll see how it goes. And I’m really only nervous about this job because it actually is in my field which is intimidating. Sure, I can get a blue-collar job just fine. But it’s not the life I want to live, unless I really need to. But I sent it and I’m happy with it.

Also, I just made my 50th post! (https://yllenkcalb.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/flash-fiction-tuesday/) And it was a story! A story on a story blog? Amazing! My goal at the moment is to get more followers. I think one of the best ways to do that is to create more content. So I’m going to try to write more. It might be more blogs since I’m lacking in the story ideas at the moment but maybe more rambling will get me inspired.