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Blog September Nineteen 

A few weeks ago I made a blog post that simply stated my computer died and anything I wrote from here on out would be short until I got it fixed. 

I recently had the opportunity to get my laptop looked at by the only professional that I trust with something monumentally important to me. 

Not only do I have all my stories on there, but I have all my essays from college, countless pictures, a working novel, music… I was heartbroken when I couldn’t get the darn thing to even show the smallest sign of life. So much so, I couldn’t even talk about it, hense the short blurb before. 

So I had my brother look at the poor thing. Whatever seems to be the issue is “out of his wheelhouse.” Which is saying a lot to me because he’s always been a miracle worker with computer issues in the past. He was, however, able to retrieve my files. So here sits my life’s work on a borrowed external hard drive the size of my hand. 

What’s this mean now? I’ll be on the hunt for a new device and my own external hard drive. 

Talk about life experiences and learning not to take something for granted. I know that from now on I’ll be taking extra care to back up my files. I’m urging you to do the same. Go save your life, dear readers. Go now.

You back? Did you back up your documents? Good. 

I’m going to start looking into tablets, my first interest would be the Surface. Just from the short research I’ve done it seems like it would be good for writing on the go. I eventually plan on building a desktop, something that will allow me to do my work and have some fun with video games like my Sims. Until then, something small would do just fine. I’m not going to downright ask for donations but if you’d like to donate to my writing cause I’m sure we could work something out.

In other news. 

I’ve gotten this overwhelming feeling that I need to be writing. But there’s two horrible things about that. 1. I have nothing coming to mind. Total writer’s block. 2. The urge always happens when I’m at work and have no means of stoping what I’m doing to write. I need to get a little notebook and jot down small musings when I can. As for the creativity, well maybe I’m just not being stimulated enough lately. 

Blog August Eight/Novel excerpt

About a week ago I decided that while I have nothing much else to do since moving in with my parents that I would really try to start writing more. I have this thought a lot honestly but what’s another go at it? A few months ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go work out with him, saying that if he had someone to go with he’d have more motivation. Our busy schedules got in the way but we did go a few times and that was fun. Well last week I asked that same friend if he’d meet me at a coffee shop and we could work on our respective arts. He likes to draw and paint and all that and he’s incredibly good at it, and while we’re talking about him I should shamelessly plug his websites so you can peruse and maybe even commission him for your own original. I know I’ve praised his work before, but some of you followers are new. You can see him here or here or even here!

So anyway, like I was saying… We met at a coffee shop and he worked on drawing stuff and I was tweeking a resume for a job and then I started writing. I finished my latest story and we talked about things and caught up because I’ve known him for at least twelve years now. We joked about my story ideas and he came up with the name Charlotte Festerbottom. I decided that would be the next story that I wrote and boy, did I start it. In fact. I’ve continued on with it about four pages and have no idea where to stop. I have no idea where she is going (but I do know where she came from, I had a lot of fun figuring out her family tree) and I haven’t yet a plot. The situation that she is in fortuneatly can have a lot of situations, which means for you dear reader….drum roll please… will have a novel to read in the near/distant future. That’s right. I stumbled upon a novel idea before NaNoWriMo is even here. Who knows, maybe I can write it all before November and have another idea for NaNo!  I’ve decided to include the beginning of Charlotte’s tale for your reading pleasure.

Charlotte Festerbottom comes from a long line of Festerbottom’s from a small island in the Midfjorden of Norway. Her great great great grandfather, Charles Festerbottom moved to the small Illinois town to open up an all in one cemetery and mortuary. Meeting a local girl named Clarice, they raised their three sons in the business. Chance and Christopher both died while away at sea with the Navy. That left Chuckie who only had one eye from birth to carry on the business. He married Clara, a local school teacher new in town, and they had Chuck and Cora. Cora became a school teacher as well but never married. Chuck and his wife Cassandra birthed five daughters before Charlie finally came. He was the pride and joy of the family and understandably, the only one willing to work with the dead. The girls all took jobs in fashion and education.

Charlie had a fascination with morbidity. His enthrallment stretched across every aspect of the dead. The family home located in the back of the cemetery land was decorated in wild taxidermy animals and shrunken heads from the Africa’s. His wife was an African medicine woman specializing in the dead named Chicha. He met her on a visit to the Congo, though it was never clear what her original nationality was. They had one son, Fester, who had ivory skin and dark black hair, he nearly resembled his great great grandfather. Rumors had spread after the death of Chicha that Charlie had gone insane, his obsession with death grew and long standing customers had become fearful of the Festerbottom services. Once Fester reached high school he had taken over most of the duties around the property, except for the care of the lawn. Charlie continued to mow and fertilize and stay to himself.

Fester brought life to the funeral home. He cleaned up older grave plots and tried everything he could to restore the original stones that Charles had placed with his own hands. Fester was also the first in the family to have modern schooling. He juggled the funeral services with correspondence classes and became the official CEO.  The long line of Festerbottoms lived modestly and therefore had a good amount of savings. Fester took some of the money to upgrade the morgue equipment and give a face lift to the buildings. He was even able to plant new trees and bushes in the entry way to really give the land a good home feeling. Some cousins came to help, but Fester did most of the hiring from the local college. He met and married Louise who interned with Fester in the office. She died shortly after Charlotte was born from lymphoma. Charlotte was lucky to survive.

Fester tried to give Charlotte a better life since she was the first only child that was a girl in the family ancestry. He kept her away from most of the proceedings of the family business, but that didn’t stop her from sneaking into funerals. He even offered to pay for college as long as it was something different than mortuary science. She vowed to pay her own way if it meant she could continue working with her father. It must have been something in the bloodlines that kept the Festerbottom children glued to that spot.


Blog July Twenty Six

I haven’t made a blog post since March. Sure, I’ve written some stories but I haven’t really told you what’s going on. And that could just be because I haven’t felt like it. But if you follow my blog, or just now discovering it, I go through bouts of nothing. Not quite writers block, I just don’t want to sit down and do it.  I haven’t even picked up a book to read. Though that is partly because all my books, including the paperwhite, are all packed up still.

But here is what I have been up to. In May I quit my job and moved from the Chicago suburbs back to my hometown on the other side of Illinois. I’ve yet to find a job, but I decided not to settle for something I am going to hate like I have in the past. In the mean time I’ve been working on myself, trying to have a good summer, and helping my parents around the house. I even got a very supportive boyfriend, and even though I left him in the burbs he makes wonderful efforts to make it not seem like a long distance relationship. He fixes problems on my car and I feed him things, so it works out great.

As for writing… I had a terrible nightmare the other night that involved killing two of my fictional best friends that I think would make a terrific story. I tried writing it but couldn’t get the right words out so I waited a day, took the dogs for a walk and cleared my mind. I’ve since picked up the keyboard again and am currently sitting on 500 words, about half my norm for short stories. It’s going to take quite a bit more then that to finish with how much detail I’ve got not having even touched where the dream actually started. My attention has also been drawn to the fact that I haven’t finished the Morty the Dragon story I started years ago, so maybe that’ll be in our future too.

So since I probably wont be finishing the story tonight, you get this. A blog post.

Blog March Six

I got an astounding 526 views on my Red Rebel County post today! Most of mine only reach the 40’s so that’s super cool!

But seeing that band and the feedback I got on that post today made me think hard about the situation. I really like going to shows, especially local ones, and I totally like writing stuff. So I’ve created a separate blog just for band reviews and such!

I’ll keep mostly up-to-date on this blog like I normally sort of do. This one will just stick to ramble posts and short stories and reviews of books, and all that reading/writing. The other will be more focused on bands. I’ve already got some posts up, but some you’ve probably seen before following this blog.

Still working out the look and feel of the site. I’ll probably need a better name, but here it is in all its glory…. https://covercharged.wordpress.com/

Blog February Twenty Three

It is me. I am back. I have risen from the dead.

Or at least, I dug myself out of the grave and I’m just kind of sitting here waiting for creativity to flow into my mangled brain.

You ever just, don’t feel like anything? This newish job at the bakery (Did I tell you I got a job at a bakery? Idk either. Well I did.) is killing me. I work awkward long hours and don’t have time to do anything for myself really. I obviously haven’t written anything in a while. I haven’t really made time for friends. I haven’t baked or cooked anything outside of work in months. I get up. Go to work. Come home exhausted. Get up. Go to work. I had a few interviews for jobs but have gotten turned down for reasons, mostly because they went with someone else. Man. Trying to make changes in your life is hard.

There’s some things I’d like to talk about but can’t. Mostly how the retail/grocery life sucks and I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp on why. I’ll make a special post for if and when I ever get out of this crazy industry.

I started a short story the other day.. and it’s coming out horror but I’m not sure that’s the actual direction I want to take it. Good stories always go in unexpected directions.

My NaNoWriMo novel from a couple months ago sucked and I know I could do better but I’ll have to read some novels in that style before I can really do anything about it I think. I do think that I want to go back to my novel a couple years ago and actually finish it.

To get into the habit of writing, I need to write. I’ve probably said that a million times, But here we go again I guess.

Blog December One

So I let myself down. I just couldn’t get into the story I was writing and since it’s a holiday month I didn’t really have time for it anyway. So there goes another NaNoWriMo down the drain.

But I did get the urge to write today. I don’t know what about. But the fact that I still want to do this says something right? Maybe I’ll find random plot online and write about that.

My yearly ritual of going down town Chicago to visit Christkindlemarket and Macy’s to write a letter to Santa is coming up. Someone asked me what I was going to ask him for. Seeing as this year has just been the worst, I think I’ll just ask for a better 2016.

Yes, I’m 26 years old and still write letters to Santa. Shut up. What are you going to ask for this year?

Blog November Nine

Well Well Well, day nine of NaNo and my word count should be at 15003. Guess where I am!?


If I keep going at this rate, NaNo says I’ll finish on June 4th. To catch up I need to write 2179 words per day. Uggggggggh. Maybe I should have stuck to my original idea and just picked up from where my losing novel was last year.

But no. That’s being a loser. I am a winner. (Want to be anyway, I’ve yet to win) I will write this novel and win.

I’ve fleshed out some details in my mind about where this story is going. I have some special people to thank for that but I’ll wait and put them on my thanks page when the novel is finished.

So what’s new in non-writing Nelly’s life? Uhm. Not much. That interview I barely spoke of went great, just waiting to hear back from them. The Bakery is the bakery and my hands hurt a lot. Uhm. Yeah, that’s about it. I’m boring.

Man, I can’t even think of anything to write for this blog post either… guess I should go back and try my luck at Theo the time traveling serial killer.

Blog March Twenty Two

Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn’t have something planned. Offered to me was some overtime at my work and I took it, but that was all. The boy friend and I decided to get some shopping out of the way, he bought a blow dart gun and together we got some gifts for an upcoming wedding shower. During dinner we attempted to get some friends together for drinks and failed, so movie night at home it was.
At a Redbox kiosk I chose a film called Palo Alto (based on a book by James Franco) and since I got 50 cents off a second rental, the boy friend chose John Wick. I wasn’t really feeling an action movie so we watched Palo Alto to watch first in case I fell asleep.
I’m no critic and I usually love indie films, but Palo Alto deserves two stars out of five. Like seriously, it had a good feel to it from the description and the first like 3/4ths of it was good. But there was no end! No point to it at all! I then chose to read up on the back story of how this movie even got financing. Turns out it was a series of stories that James Franco wrote and Gia Coppola decided to write a screen play and direct it. I get the teen angst and problems of growing up with distant parents or way too close parents or cute soccer coaches… But there was no fix for these people or problems that they have. I guess its the spoiled nature of Disney movies or more mainstream love stories and wanting a happy ending. Palo Alto reaches that raw teenage emotion that I’m sure I felt at one point or another and it was beautifully told up to a certain point. The boyfriend and I just kept waiting for someone to die or the teacher to get caught or the father to get his comeuppance, but there was no relief. Honestly, it wasn’t horrible, and I say you should watch it… Just let yourself use your creative juices to invent a better ending. I might just see if I can find the original book and see if Franco had a better closure.
I did in fact fall asleep during the action movie, but had the chance to watch before returning the rentals this morning. Holy crap, it was good. Keanu Reeves was amazing. It’s a great story of a ex-badguy getting revenge. The worst part of it was when they killed the puppy (that’s not a spoiler, it says it in the description). Let it be a warning to you, kill a man’s puppy – prepare to die yourself. I teared up a bit at that part. Not a big bang bang shoot them up kind of movie goer, but this had more to it. Could be the puppy vengeance plot line speaking to my poor loving heart, but there’s more I’m sure. I think I’ll put this near the top of my favorite movies honestly, I recommend you go watch it.

As for other news, not much has been going on. I got my hair cut yesterday as well and they cut too much off. I mean, I did tell her to my shoulders but this is… Short. I got about 4-5 inches cut off. Can’t complain too much though it looks kind of cute and hair grows back. Continue reading

Blog November Sixteen

NanoWriMo Update!

So I’m bad at this. I write more than I have in previous years, but as of today I should be well over 20,000 words. My current word count is 8278. My main issue right now is that chronologically, I am in October of the Novel. I know what I want to happen in January, but not what I want to happen in-between. I just have a general idea. I know that some people like to skip ahead and just come back later, but I don’t want to do that. I feel like I would never come back, or not have good ideas until I get there. I’m at the WriMo regional meeting, hoping I’ll hit 10000 today.

In other news!

Pretty much same old same old. Working a lot. I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Made homemade pumpkin bread with pumpkin not from a can! I haven’t had a chance to taste a piece, but the people at this group meeting are all kinds of “I love it” and “It’s still warm and amazing!” I made a pie last weekend, and something about it being pumpkin from a pumpkin and not from a can the pumpkin is not as potent and the spices come out more. The pie was very cinnamon-y and ginger-y. Not saying it was bad, but next time I should play around with the spices. I’m worried about the bread and that it will turn out the same, the people I served the bread and pie to didn’t have the original recipe with the canned pumpkin. And see, that is my mother coming out in me. So worried about the outcome that they don’t care about the other people saying the thing is fabulous.

I’ve applied to some more jobs, a few of which I need to do some testing to be qualified. The testing is Tuesday and Wednesday. Wish me luck! For both jobs and NaNo!

Blog October Seven

NaNoWriMo is coming upon us and this year I plan on sticking to my guns and actually writing a novel. 50,000 words in a month? That comes to about 1,666 words per day. That’s pretty easy, my last story I posted was about that length. I’ve been worried about not finding a good idea to start with, but today at work I thought long and hard and figured out a setting and two characters to start out with. Now the hard part is to keep myself from writing it before November First. Maybe I should get a notebook and jot ideas down so I don’t forget them. Yes I know I said I hate outlines, but this won’t be an outline, it’ll be a “don’t forget these points idea book.” I’m pretty excited and hope the momentum keeps up until the last word is finished. I may post an excerpt of it when I am done, but it’ll mostly be updates and other stories. I want to publish it if it’s to my liking, you know, once the drafts are out of the way and editing is all done.

In other news, I reached 100 followers! That’s awesome that there are complete strangers out there willing to hear the stories coming from my head. Here’s to the next 100!