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Detective Kripke

Detective Kripke’s telephone rang loudly at 4:06 AM. It was an old rotary phone, he liked it very much and refused to use any new technology in his own home. Of course he kept a cellphone for his police work, though often forgetting to charge it. He knew if his house phone rang that it must be an important call. Usually meant a murder or theft. 

This particular morning he was dispatched to the other side of town. Neighbors of a huge blue Victorian house heard loud thumps around 3:30 AM. Noises always came from this particular house, the owner being an expiramentor and inventor, but this was no ordinary bump in the night. They had rang the doorbell a few times, but there weren’t any lights in the house so they decided to call the police.

Detective Kripke jumped out of bed and stumbled over his Old English Sheepdog. “Henry, didn’t you hear the phone? Why are you lying right there!?” But Henry didn’t move a muscle and the detective hurried on with putting some decent clothes on. 

“Henry, have you seen my badge?” He yelled out, but still the dog lay. It was four o’clock in the morning after all. 

When the detective finally arrived at the scene he was met with the fire marshal and the chief of police. 

“Hello, Jeff. We’ll need you to work your magic here. Neighbors only heard some loud thumps, didn’t see anyone. There’s a couple in the bed upstairs, throats were slit. There is a nursery, but no baby, the neighbors didn’t know what that was about. Uhm, what else can we tell him, Bob?” Fire Marshal Edwards turned to the police man.

“That about covers it. Forensics team is working on photos as quickly as they can, they got the rookie doing fingerprints though.”

“He’s not a rookie.” The fire marshal glared.

“He ain’t no seasoned vet either Ed.” Bob glared back. It seemed they had had this argument before. He turned to Jeff and winked. “You’ll find everything you need in the main bedroom.”

“Alright, guys. I’ll get in there and do what I can.” Detective Kripke was happy for the excuse to get away, he knew their arguments could get heated.

He walked into the house through the front door, and gave a little whistle. He stood still for a moment to gather in the sounds and smells and sights of the crime scene. Once he was satisfied he started for the stairs, took his first step up but hesitated. I don’t think he started there Jeff thought to himself. No, he looked around down here first He walked over to the living room. Nothing was taken. He walked down the hall to the kitchen, again nothing looked moved. There was an office and a guest bathroom, still nothing was moved.

There was a scratch at a door in the hallway near the kitchen. Jeff walked slowly to it and pulled a rubber glove out of his pocket. What do we got here? Another scratch at the door as he opened it slowly. “Well you’re not what I expected.” A fluffy gray cat stepped out. “You got any other friends around here?” The cat ran to the steps Jeff dismissed earlier. He followed the cat up and into the crime scene bedroom. “Hey buddy.”

The forensics team had already gone. All that was left were the two bodies on the bed and a pitbull at the base of the bed. She looked sad. “Oh, sorry. Sweetie.” The detective walked around the bed and examined the bodies. “Can either of you tell me what happened here?”

The fluff ball of a cat jumped up to the dresser and stared at the detective. Jeff walked around the bedroom, went to the open window, peeked into the closet, looked back over the room and walked back down stairs to the fire marshal and chief.

“Alright fellas, I’ve got it.”

The fire marshal looked surprised. “You’re always so quick. And you never touch anything! What’d you come up with?”

“So Trevor in there. The dude in the bed. He owed money to his bookie. That was months ago, and him and the wife fought constantly, she faked a pregnancy. So they got all cozy again, Trevor made the nursery for her. Hoped they’d fixed everything. But he forgot to pay the bookie you see. And she found out about it. She got so mad in the heat of everything and she’s the one who slit his throat first in the middle of the night. For some reason thought it’d be cool to just go back to sleep. Then some guy all in black came in, through the front door of all places, found out the guy he was sent in to kill was already dead, and took the knife out of the wife’s hand, slit her throat too, and hopped out the window. The thud that the neighbors heard, was him jumping down on to the trashcan.” Jeff pointed to the side of the house near the driveway to the back garage. There it was, a smashed trashcan.

“Huh, so we’ll need to find the bookie’s information. Great work detective. It fits with the team’s findings. They said he was dead three hours before her. That’s just crazy to think. The neighbors thought they were just the nicest people too. Seems like everyone has weird secrets.” The Chief shook the detective’s hand. “Go home and get some rest. You can fill out your report later this afternoon. Thanks, Jeff. You’re a real help.”

“No problem at all.” Detective Kripke shook both men’s hands again and departed.

Once he got home he got back into his pajamas and laid down in bed.

“What was all the commotion?” Henry the sheepdog jumped up into the bed with the detective.

“Brutal murder. The old lady killed her husband over some petty argument, and a hitman was sent there, found his target already dead, so he just killed her too.”


“The pets where pretty upset. A big fluffy cat and a really gentle five year old pup.”

Henry made himself comfortable at the end of the bed. “I bet they were. Any idea what happens to them?”

“The cat said the wife’s sister would probably take him, and the dog would probably go to the next door since the sister is allergic.” Jeff was tired, and ready to fall asleep.

“Bob and Ed realize you can talk to us yet?” Henry said sleepily.

The detective yawned. “Nope. No questions asked.”


Gavin and Cerberus

Once there was a man named Adhamh. He was a photographer who lived in a little town in Michigan. He had a wife named Karla who was a scientist. They had a two year old son, Gavin and two dogs, Cerberus and Biscuit. Together they loved to hunt for treasures. After a long fun filled day, Adhamh and Karla said good night to Gavin and went to sleep.
That night, Cerberus snuck into the kitchen looking for some extra food. He came across a vile of bright green liquid that Karla had brought home from work to examine. He thought it smelled good so he knocked it off the counter. The vile crashed to the ground and split into pieces leaving the green liquid to splash all over Cerberus. He knew he might be in trouble if he stayed too long in the kitchen so he went to Gavin’s room. He shuddered all the extra liquid off and climbed onto the foot of Gavin’s bed.
The next morning the green liquid had disappeared. All that was left was the glass vile shattered on the floor. When Karla got out of bed she thought that the glass had just fallen off the counter. She was only disappointed a little until Adhamh and Gavin came into the kitchen looking for breakfast.
That night, Gavin said good night to his parents as they left the room. Cerberus was on his bed and had a weird look on his face. All of a sudden Cerberus grew two more heads from the base of his neck. Gavin felt his arms and legs get a little heavier and noticed that he was no longer sitting in bed, but hovering over it.
The next few nights as Gavin and Cerberus went to bed they realized what they could do with their powers as they got stronger. Exactly one week after Cerberus knocked over the green vile Adhamh was laying Gavin down to sleep. He laid the blanket down and Cerberus jumped up on the foot of the bed. Karla blew a kiss to Gavin from the door and Adhamh followed her into the hallway. Not long after, Gavin heard Biscuit bark in the living room. He knew this was a sign that there was danger afoot. He nudged Cerberus awake and got out of bed.
The duo went to the living room where they saw a man in a black mask trying to unhook the T.V. from the wall and Biscuit tied to a chair. Gavin took his stance and raised into the air, Cerberus’s two extra heads grew from the base of his neck. The mysterious man looked startled but soon began to laugh. He did not believe a two year old boy and his dog would be a threat. He started towards them with rope. Cerberus gave a sonic bark that crippled the mysterious man as Gavin flew forward to punch him in the face. The man, weakened, stood up and reached for his rope once more. Cerberus lunged forward and bit the man’s leg. Gavin thrust his hand at the man’s chest and a beam of ice shot forward. With a terrified look on his face, the man stood still and frozen. Gavin flew back to the ground next to the man’s feet and punched his shin, causing the man to shatter to the ground. Cerberus untied Biscuit with his teeth and they came to stand next to Gavin’s side. What was left of the man melted into the carpet. Biscuit laid down on her bed comforted that Gavin and Cerberus were there to protect her. The duo went to bed. As he laid his head down, Cerberus’s two extra heads disappeared. Gavin fell asleep knowing he could keep his parents safe.