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Blog October Twenty Eight

So, two Sundays ago I meant to write what my dream was in story form, but I forgot about it. Then I thought of some other cool stories but forgot about them too. I hate having to work all day when I get creative. This past Sunday Evwas the kick-off party for my home region in NaNoWriMo. It was awesome, I got candy and playdough and delicious enchilada things.

Something else I’ve done recently is apply to Graduate Student at Large at the university that I got my undergrad from. I’m pretty excited. I figure if I am having this much trouble getting a job, going back to school might be my best option. For what exactly, I’m not even sure. We’ll see.

Halloween is coming up… three days to go! I had originally planned on just going out to the bars after work with the boyfriend. But it turns out he’ll be working that night, so a friend of mine has invited me to hang out with her at a party. Thursday her and I will be going looking for costumes, last minute, because that’s the best way to do things. Here’s hoping we’ll find something good!


Blog July Twelve

Every now and then I get this overwhelming feeling that I can’t describe. Today, I was at Barnes and Noble perusing books when it hit me. It’s like nostalgia and deja vu and… I’m not sure. Like I’ve done it before, something I’ve missed, something I want, something I have all rolled into one. It’s like something from deep inside of me has imploded? Or maybe it exploded? I’m just not sure. I’m not even sure why I decided I needed to post about it. Maybe one of you have felt it?

Something else I’ve been thinking of lately is what are my next steps in life? I’ve been searching for jobs in my field since I graduated college almost two years ago with no luck. With not knowing what I want to do with my career, it is hard to search. The few jobs that I’ve been excited about and applied to I didn’t even get an interview. Some had no contact, some came back saying that I didn’t have the right experience. I think my best bet, really, is to go back to school. Just take the financial hit so I can make something of my life instead of working at a car parts factory. I’ve also really been wanting to publish a children’s story I wrote in college for a class. I’m not even sure where to start, besides proof-reading the crap out of it. So I guess I just need to find some readers to throw me some constructive criticism. I did send it to a friend a while ago to work on illustrations, but his life got busy I think.. Maybe once I give him a more complete work, he’ll have more motivation.