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Flash Fiction I Win

I made a bet with myself the day you told me you didn’t want anything serious.

I knew you’d come around eventually.

And while I promised myself I wouldn’t take anything you did to heart,

that I wouldn’t let my feelings get in the way,

I hid them in a box somewhere anyway.

And then you came around.

Suddenly, it was as if the words you never said appeared in place.

Like home was calling.

Now if only I could find that box,

and come running.




Flash Fiction drinks.

Driving down the interstate and there’s a sign that reads “don’t text and drive” and I look down at my hand. It isn’t a phone that I’m holding. It’s you, fast asleep from too many drinks.
No, you’re not a text. You’re a person. If that isn’t a testament of my love, give me that ticket.

Blog June Sixteen

I am a boiling pot of rage.

Or sadness?

Or maybe I’m not. Maybe life goes the way it goes because that’s how it’s meant to be. Things will play out they way they do and I just have to learn from my mistakes, and take what I am given and turn it into what I want. With in limits of course. (like when you want someone to love you but they just aren’t sure. you can’t make them, but it still makes you sad)

There’s this whole other issue I have with life. You need experience to get experience and you need experience to get a job. I haven’t applied to many jobs, probably not as many as I should have. In the time I’ve been actively looking for a job to better myself, say 10 jobs… I’ve had two interviews. Both of them (and countless reply emails with no interest in interviews) have come back with “We have chosen someone who has more experience in the field than you.” Well that’s just crap. Utter crap. My next plan of action? I just filled out an application to go to culinary school. Not a fancy one, but one I could reasonably afford and will still get me the skills I need. I’m currently watching Chopped on the Food Network and I have no idea how they make any of this stuff spot on, but I want to learn. Since my English degree hasn’t really gotten me anywhere, maybe I can go on to my other dream of being a Chef. Like a personal one for rich people, or have my own restaurant, or be a celebrity chef.

Maybe I’ll turn that experience into a book. Or maybe I’ll finish my other book. Or maybe I’ll finish that simple story I promised in the last blog. But haha, that actually wasn’t that simple because I have no idea how to end it.

I feel stuck, wordpress friends. So many dreams, so little ways of obtaining them.

The Marriage

Mrs. Johnson delicately took her knife and fork to her small portion of steak the way her mother had done, and her mother before her. Gently slicing a piece appropriate enough to chew. She looked at her table, the fine linens and the candles gave a nice ambiance to the room. Once she was done chewing she patted her mouth with her napkin. She looked up towards her daughter.

“So, have you set a date yet?” Mrs. Johnson was supportive, but there was a hint of negativity.

“Well. No, not exactly.” Emily said while she pushed her peas around her plate. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them. This was her favorite meal, but the awkward silence in the room troubled her.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Mr. Johnson said sternly as his wrists hit the edge of the table. He was displeased and disappointed. He stared at his daughter until she gave a shrug. This angered him even more and the veins on his head slowly started to rise. Mrs. Johnson looked up at him from across the table, which to her seemed miles away.

“Frank, eat your dinner before it gets cold.”

“I don’t see the point of it.” Mr. Johnson took up his fork and stuffed some meat into his mouth like a child who had just been told he wasn’t going to get dessert. He didn’t see the point in his daughter’s marriage, though he wouldn’t say more about it.

“How did you meet this boy, Emily? You must have told me, but it seems I have forgotten.” Mrs. Johnson took a sip of her wine, which had been bought on vacation in France. She only brought out the good stuff for special occasions.

Emily looked up toward the ceiling as if she were counting. She remembered that it was love at first sight, but didn’t remember where she had met him. She was far too intoxicated at the time to remember details of that fateful night. Emily looked back at her plate and started to say something, but lost in the thought she took some peas and shoveled them into her mouth.

“He doesn’t want to set a date yet, mom.” Emily slightly remembered the dark and crowded bar she first laid eyes on her fiancé but changed the subject, knowing her mother would not approve.

“Hmph.” Mr. Johnson looked at Emily, then looked at his wife. “I just cannot….” He stood up from the table with his plate in his hand and went to the kitchen. Mrs. Johnson looked at the door as she sipped more of the wine. It seems as if she has had enough of the conversation too and stares off into the distance. Emily finished her dinner in awkward silence. She could see that her father was angry but did not understand why. She was his only daughter. His perfect child. What could she have done wrong? The rest of the night is silent as Mrs. Johnson clears the table of all the dishes. Emily blows out the candles and sets them in their place on the fire place. She gently folds the table cloth and puts it in a drawer of the china cabinet then walks to the kitchen to help her mother.

Emily looks around and only sees the dishes on the counter. A bottle of wine is missing from the wine rack, and so is her mother. Still not exactly sure why her parents are so mad she begins to clean the fine china and sets it back in the cabinet. She walks through the empty dark hallways to go to her room. She finishes the last bit of her homework before falling asleep to the glow of Jersey Shore on her TV.


“You got WHO pregnant?” Darlene shoved two TV dinners into an oven that had not been cleaned in months.

“Emily Johnson, Ma. And it’s more than that. We’re gettin’ hitched. I love her.”

“Jared, love ain’t got nothin’ to do with it. You don’t make enough to pay for this baby. You know she’s just using you. Wait. Johnson… Like the ones from up on the hill in that fancy house?”

“The driveway that heats itself in the winter so you don’t have to shovel it.” Jared cleared off two spots on the messy card-table they called a dining room table.

“You knocked up a rich girl? Frank Johnson’s precious little princess? You an idiot, boy.”

“Ma, don’t. It’s happening.”

“Have you even met the man, Jared?”

“Well, not exactly.”

“‘Not exactly’ he says.” Darlene sits down at the table perplexed, though she wouldn’t know what there was for it.

“I shook his hand once. Outside the factory one day, I was sweeping up some shit in the parking lot. He came over to me and said “You’re doing a fine job young man.” Then he went to shake my hand and I told him I was a mess then he said “I know the trouble, I started out in your spot once.” And took my hand. A firm shake he has.”

“So just because the owner and president of some fancy old factory says you’re doing a good job and relates to you, gives you the right to date his daughter and get her knocked up?”

“Well… we never really dated…” He turned on the water to do some dishes, as he only did when he knew how much trouble he was in “exactly…”



“You an idiot.”


“Is Mr..uh. Well. Is your husband around?” Frank said into his Blackberry, staring at a picture of three year old Emily in a tutu.

“Ain’t got none.”

“You don’t have one?”

“I didn’ stutter Mr. Johnson. He dissapeared when Jared wasn’t more than a week old and I’ve done well enough on my own.”

“Sorry to hear that Ms. Uhm…”

“Just call me Darlene Mr. Johnson. The sitiation calls for it I think.” Darlene took a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine out of the fridge and opened it up.

“I damn well have all the right to know what name my daughter will be taking, Darlene.” Frank said her name so it stood out over everything he said.

“That’s not the reason you’re calling, Frank.” She mocked his tone.

“Uh. No.”

“Spill.” She took a swig.

“I just do not think this is a good idea. It would be best to send Emily off, as if she is away at college or something, then give the baby up for adoption. I’ll compensate for you and Jared’s trouble.”

“I don’t need your money Frank. We had the dear girl over for dinner the other night. She is a delight and I truly believe that these two kids are in love. And if I ever hear you puttin’ your grandbaby up for adoption, I’ll go over there and shoot you personally. It don’t fit in your plan. Hell, it doesn’t fit in my plan and it sure as hell doesn’t fit in Jared and Emily’s plan. Had they met in the proper way, they would have fallen in love, spent some time together, Jared would have worked up the money and the courage to ask for her hand all gentleman like, you still would have said no. She’d have gone off anyway. Or, best case, you’d have said yes and they’d be married in a big o’ church and in a year or so, they’d have a babe takin its first crawl and you’d have known it was the right thing. Now, that’s great and all but that ain’t life. That’s a fairy tale. Just like my Mike would have come back to me and helped me raise Jared. But he’s done a hell of a good job on his own. They’ve made one mistake, and sped up the process. Now you listen here Mr. Frank Johnson. Good idea or not, they’re making the best of it, and I think you should too.”

“Darlene. Listen to yourself.”

“I have. Over and over in my head. This is the right way.” Darlene took another swig. She heard on the other line what sounded like a crack in Frank’s voice. He sobbed. “Frank…”

He cleared his throat. “What’s the name I need to be putting on the announcement for the paper.”

“Thought so. It’s Brown.”

“Great. I’ll put the announcement in the paper tomorrow. Good day to you, Darlene.” This time, Frank said her name in an endearing way. “I look forward to you coming to our holiday party.”

Life After Death

I was on my way to the party when Margo called me.
“Hey gurl!”
“What up?” I asked
“You coming to the party?”
“Yeah yeah, on my way.”
“What the hell you answering the phone for??”
“Why are you calling me when you think I might be on my way to the party?” There was silence on the line. “I thought so. I’ll be there soon. Love ya!”
“Good, just hurry, Jacob is here!” She hung up her line. I continued to drive.

I arrived on Margo’s street and struggled to find a parking space. I was super excited to finally get a chance to hang out with Jacob. We had talked a little in class everyday and I felt like he was the perfect man for me.

-Three Days Later-

“Hey Margo, thanks for being such a good friend to Niccole. It really means a lot to me that you’re helping with all of the arrangements.” I could see my mother sitting in the living room on the phone with Margo.
“No problem, she was a great friend to me I just wish she hadn’t gotten into that accident. We were all pretty devastated by the news. I’m so sorry Ms. B.”
“Not your fault Margo, she did everything she could to avoid the pile up on the highway the police said.”
“Did they say what happened to the drunk driver who caused it?”
“Minor bruises I think..” Just then my mother coked up and couldn’t say anymore.
“Oh. Uh. I’ll be over this afternoon when class gets out to help you out with paperwork.” Margo hung up the phone and my mother sat there in tears.

-Two Days Later-

“Niccole, hunny you’ve got to pay attention.” I looked up. Stark white room with all white furniture and a lady sitting in a light blue skirt and white shirt.
“Sorry, just thinking”
“Life on Earth is pretty great, I almost remember it sometimes. You’ll have plenty of time to reminisce about it later. They aren’t sending you to the workforce like they did to me.”
“Where are they sending me?”
“You lucky gal, get to spend your next lifetime with your soulmate.”
“Jacob is here too? But he wasn’t at the party like I was…he never showed up.”
“Jacob? Let me look in your file.” The lady made a perfect secretary as she pulled out the manila envelope. She looked at what seemed to be a blank page. “Ha ha no dear. He wasn’t at the party.” She laughed as if she knew I had the biggest crush on him. She read further, the look of laughter fell from her face. “Oh my. Well, he wasn’t at the party, but he was a part of your crash.”
“Oh my god, is he okay? Did he die like me? Where is he? Is he my soul mate??”
“He was the one who caused it.”
“But they said it was a drunk driver…”
“Yup. Well no more use talking about it now. You’re about to meet your soul mate. Your one true love.”
“Why didn’t you get to meet yours”
“I already had him on Earth. When you die, you have some options. Well so to say… you don’t get to choose them, but there’s paths to take. The ones who lived a great life and were noble to the people get to be a part of the Great Table of the Angels. The ones who led a terrible life go to the guy downstairs and spend their time doing chores until they’ve made up for lost time. Then you have the ones in the middle like you and I. I led a great life in the waking world but wasn’t a noble peace prize winner or anything. So they put me in an area that I excelled at. You didn’t even finish college yet. You’re young and still could have led a great life, so you’re getting a second chance. You’re meeting your soulmate. The person you were meant to be with forever.” She looks down at the file with the blank page. “Lucky for you, he too has past on. Some people have to wait years.”
“Oh wow… so how does this work? We meet and float around in heaven.. or… what?”
She chuckles. “Not quite. Beyond the gates is a world like the one on Earth. Though it has everything you want in it. Everything you dreamed about is now obtainable. There is no money involved because that was just a silly invention anyway. Simply think what you wish for and it appears. Not always instantaneously, but it will be there. When you meet your soulmate you’ll have the chance to go on some dates and get to know each other. You’ll probably create a house together get a dog and so on. It’s pretty easy. So that’s about all I have for you. Just enter through those gates and he’ll be right there waiting for you.” She gestures to the left where appears big golden gates. I stand up and walk towards them as they open.
“Wait, I…” I turn back and everything that was there, including the lady is now gone. So I turn back towards the gates and step through.
There’s a big blue sky with bright green grass and trees for as far as I can see.
“Hey, Niccole!” I hear a young voice from behind one of the trees. I walk towards it.
“Uh, hello?” Out steps a little boy about ten years old. “Wayne?”
“Yup, it’s me!”
“You’re my soulmate?” I knew Wayne in elementary school. He was a few years older than me, and died in a car crash. I had a crush on him and was saddened by the news even though I was so young.
“I’m just as shocked as you!”
“But…I’m nineteen.. how is this going to work?”
“No you’re not.” Wayne says with a smile on his face. He pulls out a mirror and shows me.
“I’m young again!”
“You must be starting over from where we first met.”
“Woah, so what now?”
“We live the rest of our afterlife together.” Wayne takes a hold of my hand and we start walking through the trees.

Flash Fiction Friday One

Obviously I’ve decided to do something new, as the title suggests. Flash Fiction, so stories shorter than my norm. We’ll see how it goes.

I was sitting there, Jake on my left and Todd on my right. They both begged me, on separate occasions, to take me to the premier of the newest action movie. Regrettably, I suggested to them that we go all three together. I knew Todd had a crush on me once and the way he asked me to the movie and dinner beforehand hinted that he was still into me. Jake was always at my side, my best friend. I would like to say Todd saw it coming when I wanted him to go with, but when I asked he had a look on his face of disappointment. The movie had one of those sentimental moments, that I’m sure was just thrown in there for all the girls that got dragged to see it, during which I saw Todd look at me. On second thought, did he look at me or at Jake? Then I saw out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jake look at Todd and nod. It seemed like some sort of agreement, like they had planned this all along. I thought I had made it clear to Todd that I wasn’t interested in him and I was afraid of what would happen next. However, Todd whispered to me that he was going to the bathroom and then to get more popcorn. As soon as he left, Jake put his arm around me. WHAT? It was nice. Like it had been missing…Was this the plan the whole time? Then, just as the actors on screen kissed, Jake leaned in and kissed me.

My Arm

It took them about a week after my death before they found my arm hidden in the rocks by the levee. A group of teenagers found it around midnight on a Friday night when one of the girls had lost her earring. That was about two weeks after I was supposed to leave for my trip, or so my family had thought. The last time I saw them I was getting onto a bus with all my photography gear. My plan was to travel around the country taking pictures of anything and everything. I told my family there would be little contact for the whole month; I just wanted my creative vision to flow. I saved money for a year so on my journey there would be nothing to worry about. I intended to stay in cheap motels, travel using only public forms of transportation, with a goal of arriving in California. Once I arrived in California I would take the money I set aside for a plane ticket and fly home.
The teenagers waited until the morning to call the police at the risk of being caught after curfew. The police blocked off the entire levee and bike path leading up to it to search the area for the rest of my body. They didn’t know what I did, that it was several parts scattered around the quint city area. I was places in all of my favorite places to visit or hang out. If the police had figured that out they would have known it was someone close to me that killed me and they would have found the person. However, they were clueless. They weren’t even sure whom the arm belonged to since there weren’t many identifying marks. That was until one of the coroners found the scar on my thumb.
It was about six years ago that I attended an event at an outdoor ropes course. There was one obstacle about fifteen feet in the air called a pirates walk. A line ran from one telephone pole to the other with two lines overlapping in the middle. The object was to get from pole to pole, the obstacle being that one had to successfully step over the cross without using hands. I had mastered the task and ready to come down to the ground to let someone else in my group try. Sitting in my harness, the facilitator motioned for me to come down and shouted out to not touch the ropes. Unfortunately, I was skittish being that high in the air and I touched the ropes for more support. Once I was on the ground, one of my group members noticed the blood streaming down my hand. I had a big gash in my thumb from touching the rope.
The picture of my hand with the scar on my thumb was posted all over the news and in papers. It was a week after they found my arm, that my little brother finally noticed the scar. Suddenly police were constantly around my house. They questioned everyone in the immediate family but never got any suspects.
A month after they found my arm, my mother was reviewing the reports she begged the police for. Sipping the lemonade on the front porch she came across the word Levee.
“Oh my…” She ran to the phone and called the police. “The levee, she hung out at the levee.”
“Ma’am we searched the area, there was nothing else to be found. Not a single clue.”
“Because you only searched one place.”
“No ma’am, like I said…we searched that entire area.”
“I have a list of all the places she liked to go.”
Within the hour the police had search teams in all my favorite places. My other arm was hidden under a balcony concealed in the side of a cliff in the state forest park. Both of my legs were found in some bushes near the local skate park.
Eventually all the pieces were put together. The investigators finally realized it must have been someone I was close to and went over all the reports in the people I knew. After not finding any leads they went to all of the people and interviewed them again. The investigators put together some facts. I had left on the bus ride to whatever destination I decided to stop at, which was unknown. My parents had gone about their lives going to work and tending to the garden. My brother who had his summers free sat around the house playing video games. My boyfriend had seen me off at the bus stop and then started his new job the next day. My best friend had left a few days before me to a backpacking trip around Europe. The body parts were pieced together and it was determined that the cause of death was strangulation. The time of death was only an hour after I had left the bus stop.
The investigators broadened their search to an hour radius. That is when they found my back pack in the lost and found at a truck stop about half an hour outside the city. The news was shocking. The city, my friends, and my family were all heartbroken that I had never really begun my journey.
It was two months after they found my arm that they held my funeral services. My boyfriend stood up to give a eulogy.
“I loved her. Given the chance, we would have been together forever. She was my best friend and I would have done everything for her.” He was nervous and his eye twitched. That is when my mother stood up, sobbing. She had realized something. He didn’t leave when she and my father left the bus stop. He said he had something else to do. He was stunned when she called about my arm, but not upset. He hadn’t come over to the house after the news for comfort.
“Why? Why did you…” My mother’s words broke into more sobs. My father held her arms. The investigators who were standing near the back of the funeral home perked up. They were there to hopefully find someone who looked suspicious. My boyfriend chuckled and stepped around the podium next to my closed casket.
“I wanted to.”