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Inktober: Divided

It’s Inktober day 2, ya’ll! In case you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I am gearing up for NaNoWriMo by using Inktober’s prompts to write short stories. I’ll also be showcasing other artist’s work along the way. 

Four unique men sat in a circle in a church basement. There are chairs for four more members of the group, empty and waiting. The four men sat in angered silence. 

A pale skinned man, with lips as red as a rose broke the long silence. “I guess zay aren’t coming.”

“Shut up.” Shouted a large man with stitches around his neck. The angred silence grew uncomfortable as they waited.

A door opened near the west side of the room, in walked a hairy faced man. His clawed hands rested together in cuffs. Behind him walked two men and a woman. 

The pale faced man stood up. “You ate ze people. You are disgace to uz monsterz.” 

“I can’t control it Drac!”

“Vat are ve supposed to do now?!” Dracula’s hands clenched.

The man with stitches stood up and put his hands on Dracula to stop him from lunging at the hairy man. He grunted to one of the men still standing near the door. “Nicholas, what is the plan now?”

“We’ll have to move you guys again of course.” Nicholas, dressed in a red track suit with a full white beard stepped forward. “Everyone, let’s take our seats. Maybe it’s time to separate all of you again. Clearly this town isn’t big enough for monsters to cohabitate and be well fed.”

“I’m not moving.” Dracula sat back down as the others filled in the empty seats. 

“Wolfman needs to be supervised more closely, obviously. I’ll go with him.” The man with stitches spoke up.

“Frank, we need someone to go with you as well.” Nicholas rubbed his eyebrows.

The woman, dressed in black with eye glasses and a messy bun raised her hand. “I’ll go.”

“Any other volunteers?” Nicholas looked around the group.

“Me too.” A man with long bunny ears hopped out of his chair. “We’ll need some monsters that don’t eat people to offset the problems that wolfman causes.”

“So it’s settled then. Wolfman, Frankenstein, Mrs. Green, and Mr. Bunny will be moving. Myself, Dracula, Godzilla, and Toothy will stay here.” Nicholas stood up. “I’ll go finalize some paperwork and get my raindeer ready to take you all. I’m sorry it’s had to come to this.”

Nicholas left the room, those left went back into an angered silence. This was not the first time that Wolfman had gone on a terrible eating binge and left the other monsters without food, causing them to uproot their lives and move to a new town. 

Blog December One

So I let myself down. I just couldn’t get into the story I was writing and since it’s a holiday month I didn’t really have time for it anyway. So there goes another NaNoWriMo down the drain.

But I did get the urge to write today. I don’t know what about. But the fact that I still want to do this says something right? Maybe I’ll find random plot online and write about that.

My yearly ritual of going down town Chicago to visit Christkindlemarket and Macy’s to write a letter to Santa is coming up. Someone asked me what I was going to ask him for. Seeing as this year has just been the worst, I think I’ll just ask for a better 2016.

Yes, I’m 26 years old and still write letters to Santa. Shut up. What are you going to ask for this year?