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A shapeless heap kneels before me. It is darkness, a jumble of words and phrases and colors and emotions and thoughts and there it sits.

Most would struggle with this mass, they would fight against it. Mold it to their views and toss it out when it just didn’t work for them. It would become a mass for someone else to mold and toss.

But I have chosen to decipher it. I don’t want to make it my own, I want to understand it. Look deeper into this jumbled mess and see more than what meets the eye. I’ll sit down with the shapeless heap and let it know that I do not wish to tell it my story but rather let it tell me its own. 

The heap will speak to me and tell me how it came to be. From just a simple mist, one simple idea. And it grew and grew. That shapeless heap will tell me it’s just a shapeless heap but I’ll know better. That bundled ball of chaos isn’t all it seems to be. That shapeless heap is me.


Blog May Twenty Two

So I’ve been in and around a few blogs on the good ole’ WordPress and I’ve noticed a trend in everyone’s “How to make a blog.” Since I’m new to this whole writing what I think and posting it on the internet for everyone to see, I decided it would be good to get a few pointers from those who have made it (And by made it, I mean have more than my measly 7 followers). One of the biggest things I’ve seen so far is that most people say to post more than once a week if you want more people to come to your page. So that is my step one in Getting More Readers plan, two posts a week. One will be my thoughts on whatever I feel like and general ramblings of my brain. I might even do some of the challenges posted by other bloggers. One will be my weekly story. I still have much to learn about blogging and I am very excited about it. I definitely want to check out more blogs. I want to write things outside my comfort zone. I want to learn how to use WordPress to it’s full potential. I also want to have fun.